From the Bride… This is my little love story and how it led to the most incredible wedding of our entire lives. Zachary Taylor is my best friend, definitely my soul mate and my everyday crush. Our love story began as kids on a playground in St. Augustine, Florida. He was there with his five brothers and I was there with a few friends. We started playing girls against boys on the play set and seeing that we’re both pretty competitive and determined to win, it got very intense very fast. I will never forget the first time I saw his short, spiky blonde hair and the gap between his two front teeth.


Ever since our first encounter, we instantly became best friends. Hanging out together with the company of his four brothers became our norm. I was your stereotypical tomboy girl, always trying to impress the boys with my fishing skills and fearless attitude. I think it was a mix between us both maturing, Zac beginning to work for my Father and me starting to watch him play quarterback at the local high school football games, when the butterflies started sneaking in. We were inseparable and we did everything together. From riding our bikes to the beach, going to the ice cream shop, fishing at the lakes and playing video games together.


Then we got the news that my family and I were moving to Palm Beach, Florida. The move could have easily caused our relationship to go in the wrong direction, however, our relationship became stronger than I could have ever imagined. Zac would drive down to Palm Beach to work, allowing us to see each other every week. During many of his trips, Zac would take me on little road trips, where we would plan our future together. Three years into living in Palm Beach, I took my yearly trip to the Bahamas with my parents. Apparently, Zac and my best friend Amanda were in on the surprise that would change my life forever. Amanda made me think we were going to have a little photo shoot at one of the most beautiful houses on the island. Little did I know, at sunset, I was sitting on the end of the dock thinking Amanda was taking a picture of me when Zac was behind me down on one knee. That moment was the best moment of my life. Shortly after, the second best day of my life happened in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. This was a day for everyone we loved to run away with us to celebrate our vows together!



Yes, it is possible to have a stress-free wedding planning process. I had an incredible circle of women helping me. They knew exactly what they were doing when it came to creating and capturing my vision from start to finish. Our amazing photographer, Katie Weber was like a big sister to me in preparation for my big day. Her presence is warm and relaxed and her photos are astounding and breathtaking. She had so much excitement for our wedding along with her willingness to help on the simple details that could have easily been forgotten in the rush of last-minute planning. Katie captured the most significant day of Zachary and I’s life in a charming time capsule… one that we will be able to share with our kids in the future and that means the world to both Zac and I.


If I were to give a few tips to future brides, they would be…

Prioritize a planner! (helps save relationships with mothers)

Do your research on your photographer and plan a sufficient amount of family portrait time

Enjoy the planning as a part of your wedding experience! Don’t stress, just like you wouldn’t want to stress on your wedding day!

And this is the most important! Don’t let anyone else influence your decisions on YOUR wedding day!


Both sides of our family all got along so well. Everyone was laughing and talking and having a great time. For the drinks, we had beer, wine and white chocolate moonshine! The DJ took it away for the dancing, everyone was having a blast, even my friend who was bartending decided to do a Backstreet Boys solo which had the crowd dying! It was crazy to say the least. We had a casual bohemian wedding in the islands. Very relaxing and romantic… inspired by the island life in the Bahamas where we used to live. Varying shades of blue with lots of leafy garlands and twinkle lights right next to the ocean.


My bridesmaids wore handmade dresses from California, customized to their individual liking. All were in various shades of blue in different styles… all floor length and very bohemian. The Groomsmen wore navy blue pants from Express with white button down shirts, rusty colored suspenders and matching brown dress shoes. My gown was a fairytale… the gown of my absolute dreams. It was an A-line gown designed by Hayley Paige. It was a blush ball gown with an illusion jewel neckline with a sweetheart lining and modern straps. It was a full floral skirt with layers of ivory and blush organza. Like I said, the gown of my dreams!


Married Life

For our honeymoon, we took a 16-night transatlantic cruise to Paris, Ireland, Bruges, Netherlands and Copenhagen, Denmark. In the future, we want to see the world, grow our family and adopt a puppy (which we’ve already done… he’s the perfect addition to our family)! In 40 years, we want to host our own big family reunions and plan our retirement to the Bahamas 😉