Wind breezed through the air. The ocean water glistened as the sun rippled through the waves. He watched. Waiting for the moment he had long been anticipating. One by one, he watched each of their closest friends and family walk toward him. Each of they faces said it all…


Just wait until you see her.


And when he did, it was all so so worth it. Brett and Maria’s wedding day could not have been any more perfect, beautifully planned, or blessed by Mother Nature (those of you in Florida know what a monsoon it has been here the last month- so when this was the weather we got for their wedding day, we knew magic was happening). We had been long awaiting this day. In fact, the first time we met Brett and Maria in person was at another one of our #cooneycouples weddings! (Bonus points that we got to see that couple again at Brett and Maria’s wedding! We truly are #cooneycouplecommunity and just the best family ever!) So for the day to finally be here, and to see the look of love, adoration, and pride as Maria walked down the aisle… it made the long wait so worth it. (We mean.. when you begin your wedding day in the Presidential Suite of Opal Sands Resort, there truly is no question about how stunning the day is going to be!)


And goodness gracious was is stunning.


From that presidential suite to Maria’s gown, to the infinity view ceremony, every last (delicately planned) detail came together seamlessly. But our favorite moment from the whole day? When Brett and Maria braved sharp uneven rocks along the beach line for their portraits. We asked Maria if she was okay to walk on the rocks (y’all Shauna wasn’t even in shoes and it was a struggle for her!) and they both said “Of course”. Shauna, being the worrier that she is, stood on the rocks to ensure they could get on them okay. Before we began photographing them… she asked again, “Just want to double check one last time- are you sure you’re okay on those rocks?” Brett looked at Shauna and said, “Oh- we’re totally fine. I’ve got Maria. She won’t fall.”


Cue melting hearts right now.


Brett and Maria, if there was one moment that we could use to encapsulate your love- that is it. The respect and adoration that you two share for one another is completely indescribable with plain words, but in a story, that is it. Brett- not only do we have no doubt in our minds and hearts that Maria will be loved and adored for the rest of her life, but we know that she will be taken care of and supported. And Maria- the level of respect shared between you and Brett is one to not only be noted, but striven after. We are so honored to know you two and to have been a part of your wedding day. Each time we photograph a wedding, our community of couples grows one by one, and we are so thankful to have added you two to the family.


All our love,

Shauna and Jordon