Maria and Kerolus

Clearwater, Florida



Photography | Limelight Photography | @limelightphotos

Reception Venue | Kapok Special Events Center | @kapokspecialevents

Event Planner | Blue Skies Events | @blueskiesevents

Floral Designer | Gabro Florals | @gabroeventservices

Gown Salon | CC’s Boutique @ccsbridalcouture

Gown Salon | Marias Bridal Connection

Bakery | The Artistic Whisk | @theartisticwhisk

Invitations | Elegant Wedding Invites | @elegantweddinginvites

From the Photographer

Marina and Kerolus’ love story began in 2012. In 2012, Kero, as usual was planning the annual group monastery trip. His plan was finalized, the van was rented, and he was happy that he could stop stressing about all of the details. Then comes Marina, who decided she wanted to go on the monastery trip last minute. This threw a wrench in all of Kero’s plans because they did not accommodate for an extra person. He was displeased that she decided to, literally, come a few hours before departure. On the morning of the trip, Kero was determined to see who this girl was that was causing him all of this trouble. Then, he saw her…and he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. He knew he had to find a way to speak with her. When they got to the monastery, he decided to be accommodating by asking Marina if she needs anything during his run to Walmart (it was also a clever way to get her phone number). When the monastery trip was over and it was time to head back, Kero persuaded Marina to sit next to him while he was driving. She agreed and he took advantage of that time to get to know her. After the trip was over, Kero made sure to text her often. One day, he decided to make the move and asked her to be his princess forever and the rest is history… Marina and Kerolus’ wedding was royally romantic, congratulations! We wish all the happiness in the world for you.