Marie and Alex




Photography | Paris Photographer Pierre | @paris_photographer

Venue | Private Residence

Gown Designer | Apilat Wedding Dress Designer

Men’s Attire | Ermenegildo Zegna @zegnaofficial

Makeup Artist | Charles Gillman @mua_in_paris

Ring Designer | Walker Christopher

Officiant | The Paris Officiant | @theparisofficiant


We had planned a trip to Paris earlier in the year, but due to an illness in the family we had to cancel. The hotel offered to reschedule our dates and things lined up perfectly so that we could be in Paris for our 10 year wedding anniversary. While this wasn’t the original plan, we were thrilled to find ourselves in such a beautiful and romantic city for our special day. We spent 10 days total in France, and split our time between Champagne and Paris. It was our first real vacation alone together in a long time, and our entire time in France was amazing. For our anniversary day, we didn’t want to have a big celebration – just a quiet moment with just the two of us, to reflect on the past 10 years and to repeat the vows we said to each other on our wedding day.


We wanted to capture our time in Paris and have some beautiful photos to look back on in the years to come. For the vow renewal ceremony it was important for us to repeat the exact same words spoken on our wedding day. These were the traditional Church of England wedding vows used by Marie’s parents and grandparents. We also decided to acknowledge our years together by writing our own personal messages to each other. This was particularly touching as it allowed us to recall the highs and lows of our time together and to let each other know how much we still love one another.


We had heard about the love lock bridges in Paris and thought this was such a romantic thing to do. We did not plan to exchange rings during our vow renewal, so we thought that placing an engraved lock on the bridge would be a great alternative. We talked to Pierre about what we would like to do, and he advised that placing a love lock was still possible on Pont Neuf. This ended up being a perfect location for us, with a beautiful view of the River Seine throughout our service.

With this being a vow renewal and not a wedding, we wanted to avoid the typical bride/groom look. Marie chose a two piece outfit that could be easily paired with other items for events in the future. The long dark burgundy skirt and white lace top just felt very romantic and “Parisian”. Alex complemented her look with a light grey suit and matching burgundy tie (which he chose himself lol).


The most anticipated moment definitely was hearing each other’s personalized words and being able to repeat the words we spoke on our wedding day 10 years ago. It was also great fun tossing the love lock key into the River Seine!


As an advice to other couples after this trip we would say that it is important to take the time to reconnect with each other every once in a while. Life is so very busy, especially if you choose to add kids into the mix. It is easy to get lost in the day to day chaos. This trip made us feel like teenagers again!