Mariel and Brian

Seattle, Washington



Photography | Clane Gessel Photography | @clanegessel

Venue | Four Seasons Hotel Seattle | @fourseasons

Event Designer | Simply by Tamara Nicole Weddings @simplytamaranicole

Floral Designer | SAL FLORAL DESIGN AT HARBOR STEPS @salfloraldesign

Gown Designer | Romona Keveza @romonakeveza

Shoes | SJP | @sjpcollection

Hair and Makeup | Erin Skipley | @erinskipley

Cinematography | Aaron Horton Productions @aaronhorton

Linens | Choice Linens

DJ | Bamboo Beats | @bamboobeatsdj

Mariel & Brian met on a cold and rainy February evening in Seattle, WA at King’s Hardware; a local bar. Mariel stopped in to send her sister a text message when Brian approached her, “you should probably get off your phone!” His charming introduction sparked a conversation that lasted until the bar closed. A few weeks later after hours of phone calls and text messages the couple had their first date at the Seattle Great Wheel (Ferris Wheel).In August of 2015 the couple took a cruise with Mariel’ parents to Alaska. It was there during a glacier tour Brian got down on one knee and proposed. Mariel said “YES!” The nuptials took place on July 9th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, WA.

How and when did the couple meet?

Mariel and Brian met on a cold, rainy February evening in Seattle, WA. They were at King’s Hardware, Brian’s favorite bar back then, and bumped into each other in front of the jukebox. Mariel had stopped there to send her sister a text message. Brian walked up and said, “you should probably get off your phone!” Before Mariel had a chance to retort back, Brian introduced himself, charmed the heck out of her, and they talked until two o’clock in the morning when the bar finally closed.


The couple’s first date was weeks later, after hours of phone calls and texts with each other. Brian picked Mariel up, took her to dinner, and surprised her with a ride on the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel holds a special place in the couple’s hearts… it will be in prominent view at the Four Seasons, where they will get married. Three years later, Mariel and Brian haven’t left each others’ sides for a moment. They moved in together, combined their furry family (two cats and a dog) and added another dog to their zoo.


How did the proposal take place?

Brian and I took a cruise to Alaska with my parents back in August, and every moment of the trip was magical. There was an energy and a sparkle surrounding everything, starting with even just packing for the trip. I didn’t suspect anything at the time, but I felt so very happy and loved. Our Juneau excursion was going to be a helicopter tour that would land us on the Mendenhall Glacier, where Brian was planning to propose. However, we woke up on the ship that morning to heavy thunderstorms, rain, and huge waves. We had a feeling the helicopter tour might not happen — for me, that meant more fun on the ship, which I was excited for! But for Brian, who was planning to propose, it was a disaster!


We had a quick breakfast — eggs for my parents and me, mimosas and scotch for Brian (in his desperate nervousness). Despite the weather, we disembarked and Brian ran from tour booth to tour booth trying to find a helicopter guide who would fly. His persistence paid off — while (thank goodness) no pilot would fly in that weather, he found a tour bus that took us to the glacier. In the warm rain, in the presence of my parents, on the most beautiful glacier in one of our now-favorite places in the world, Brian got on one knee and proposed through tears and my screams of happiness. It’s a day we’ll never forget!

What was your fondest wedding moment?

I will never forget the first moment I emerged into the ballroom, about to walk down the aisle. Journey’s “Faithfully” was playing, a song Brian and I have always loved. I was holding the arm of my dad, the first man I’ve ever loved. I was surrounded by 130 friends and family members I loved with all my heart, who came from the ends of the earth for Brian and I. And, at the other side of the aisle, stood the man of my dreams with tears running down his face, about to marry me. It was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced, and I was filled with joy and gratitude beyond what I thought any human being could experience.


Where do you reside and what are your occupations?

We live in Seattle, WA. Mariel manages the shoes buying team at; Brian is a field scientist with King County Water Treatment Division.


What advice do you have for future brides?

First, take time for yourself the week before the wedding. If you draw energy from others, plan a little weekend getaway with friends. If you draw energy from quiet time, make sure you get that for yourself. There’s nothing more important than going into your wedding day with a clear head and a full heart.