Maya and Kevin

San Francisco, California



Photographer | Red Eye Collection | @redeyecollection

Ceremony Location | San Francisco City Hall

Reception Location | La Costanera | @lacostanerarestaurant

Dress Designer | Martina Liana | @martinalianabridal

Shoes | Valentino | @maisonvalentino

Bakery | Hookt Doughnuts | @hooktdoughnuts

Bakery | When Butter Met Sugar | @whenbuttermetsugar


From the Bride…


Why did we choose San Francisco City Hall?

City Hall for the civil ceremony, because duh it’s beautiful and to keep it simple. La Costanera for the reception, because of the FOOD and sunset views.


RJ Navalta, our DJ, is a friend of the bride’s that she met through dance gigs and he always brings such good vibes. Also, fun fact, he was on America’s Best Dance Crew. He wouldn’t bust a move at the wedding though. When Butter Met Sugar did our fake cake 🙂 We’re not huge cake people. She made sure there was a sliver of matcha to cut into though and it was so good!! We do love donuts though so we had Hookt Donuts come through for some fresh mini donuts.


Kept the dress simple to set the tone for a “simple” wedding. Dress was Martina Liana but really, it was all about the Valentino shoes!!! I’m not really into flowers so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on flowers so my bridesmaids and I DIYed everything (bouquet, bouts, flower crowns) the night before and Kev’s aunt did our garlands. I was, however, set on gold flatware, so I had to buy those. Priorities. The easel was Pinterest-inspired and made by Kev and I with copper pipes. Our friend Jill is also super crafty so she made all of our signs! And last but not least, our escort cards!!! Found the idea on Pinterest, Kev’s parents scrubbed off the glue from all the tile and our talented friend Helena did all the calligraphy on them. Probably my favorite detail from our wedding 🙂



Our Story… We met through our mutual friend, Jill, who naturally ended up being our witness for our civil ceremony. One night, Jill asked Maya to accompany her to a club where Kevin was celebrating his cousin’s birthday. Afterward, we went to Jill’s house to eat Senore’s pizza. Kevin was sitting on the couch playing ‘Hanging with Friends’ (the hangman game) and invited Maya to play via the app. The next couple of weeks, while we played ‘Hanging with Friends’ we started getting to know each other through the messaging feature. We decided to go to a bar one night and asked our friends Jill and Chris to come along so it was less awkward. We got drunk and danced (Maya swears he had more dance moves that night than he does now). Back then, we were both into fitness so Kevin invited Maya to workout at the Lyon Street Steps the next day. We finally admitted we were interested in each other and decided to go out on our first official date to Monterey on 11/22/11. Kevin had ACL surgery shortly after, Maya nursed him back to health and the rest is history!


The day really does go by SO FAST. I really wish we took more time to take it all in. And I now tell all brides to make sure they pack deodorant LOL



Proposal Story


Kevin and Maya had been dating for over four years, so when they went to Europe, Maya was hoping that it would finally happen. Kevin, being a typical guy, Maya suspected that IF it were to happen, it would happen at the Eiffel Tower, which was their first stop after they landed in Paris. Well it didn’t happen, which Kevin later admitted that he was planning to do it at the Eiffel Tower, but when they got there it was too crowded and not romantic. Fine. So Maya wrote it off as not happening. Just their normal, annual vacation.


The next day, they went on an awesome food tour in Montmarte, visited the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and at 1am Kevin insisted they walk to the Louvre to see it at night. Nope, didn’t happen there either. Tired and jet-lagged, they made their way back to their Airbnb in La Marais. The Airbnb had a cute little courtyard that lit up from the light sensors as they were passing through. Kevin grabbed Maya’s hand, got down on one knee, and….farted! Typical. Maya says “stop f*cking around” and she tries to walk away. Kevin pulls out the wooden box that he had been hiding in his boxer briefs all day and says “I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Maya cries and says “Yes!” Looks at the gold band with a .01 carat diamond and says “Not what I wanted, but yes!” Then Kevin responds “What are you talking about?” and turns the ring around to a beautiful round solitaire. Maya passed her test.