Their Story

(written by Megan and Tim)

Despite both living in Orlando, working for ‘The Mouse’ at Disney for several years, and having many mutual friends, we were not fated to meet in the banality of everyday life – no – there would be no serendipitous encounter at a coffee or book shop, no meeting at a party or at the downtown scene, no happenstance meeting in a break room at the office. No. It would take a much more surprising act of God for us to finally meet.


In the Summer of 2015, over the course of only a few week period, Tim found himself with a unique opportunity in front of him, and before he knew it, he was on a plane to Shanghai to support the construction and opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Unbeknownst to Tim, Megan had been working on the Shanghai project for almost a year and was gearing up for an eventual trip to China in early 2016 to support the impending opening of the park. Friends of ours put us in touch prior to Megan’s departure to help quell her nerves and introduce her to someone who knew the lay of the land (having already been there for six months) as she prepared to travel halfway across the world.


About a week after Megan’s arrival, we met in person at a Super Bowl Monday Brunch Party (thanks 12 hour time difference…) and started a friendship that blossomed into much more than either one of us could have ever dreamed. After traveling throughout Asia and sharing many life experiences with each other, there was no doubt the courtship was real, and we were in store for something special.


Fast-forward a couple of years to Summer 2018. On a trip to the World Showcase in Epcot (cleverly disguised as an upcoming birthday surprise), Tim led Megan on a whirlwind scavenger hunt across the countries ending appropriately at the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit in the China Pavilion. The adventure was capped off with Tim getting down on one knee to ask the question and subsequently surprising Megan by revealing her parents (and Tim’s mom) were in town to celebrate the engagement!

The Wedding

(Written By The Photographer)

Megan and Tim knew they had found the perfect location for their wedding when they saw the amazing view Tavares Pavilion on the Lake offers! With a beautiful ceremony on the grand staircase and dinner upstairs followed by dancing with the amazing dueling pianos duo it was the perfect setup. Megan and Tim knew about us because they had attended another wedding we were shooting for friends of theirs last year. We couldn’t have been more excited to now be a part of their big day!


Their wedding took place in the middle of the Sunnyland Boat Show with antique boats floating all around on Lake Dora with sea planes galore flying into the “America’s Sea Plane City.” Of course Megan and Tim had to partake in the sea plane fun and booked a 30 min flight to happen after their ceremony touching ceremony at Tavares Pavilion on the Lake. What a fun way to start your new life together! They floated over to the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake first and waved from the plane to all their guests enjoying cocktail hour on the bridge. Then off they went into the sky! How do you top a flight on a sea plane after your ceremony? You bring in dueling pianos as your entertainment for the reception!! What an amazing wedding it was with perfect weather and an even more perfect couple.