From the Photographer

Picking a wedding location in Texas can be a challenge; there are simply so many great options to choose from! I love photographing all the epic venues for city weddings in Austin, like this modern wedding at the LINE hotel or this wedding at Palazzo Lavaca. But what if you could have your big day at a wedding location that marks the very start of your journey together?

Enter: The Belmont | Starring: Michael & Eric

Michael & Eric first met on the dance floor at this venue nine years ago. They currently live in New York, but they wanted to celebrate the start of their marriage in the place where it all began. They brought over all their friends and family to have the time of their lives in Austin, Texas! The whole bridal party wore suits, and I could not have been more about it. The greenery in their bouquets created a beautiful contrast with the dark suits. And can we talk about those tambourines!?


This couple had one of the most heartfelt wedding vows I’ve ever heard. That says a lot, because as a photographer, you hear quite a few! The way they exited the ceremony was completely in style of the whole day: they danced their way down the aisle. If you’ve met each other on the dance floor, your wedding day simply has to feature some crazy dance moves! They did everything their own way, and made the day one big party. From the time both grooms were getting ready to the craziest dance floor at the end of the day. If you’re whipping out wigs by the time the beat drops, I’d say your reception has just been raised to epic proportions.


I had so much fun capturing this incredible couple that I still miss this day! Luckily I can look back at their wedding photos whenever my week needs an energy boost, because Michael and Eric are nothing short of electric together.