Minhee and Alex

Long Beach, California



Venue | Ebell Long Beach | @ebelloflb

Food and Beverage | Très LA Catering | @treslacatering

Planner | Pure Lavish Events@purelavishevents

Photography + Videography | Santos and Co Photography | @thesantosandco

Beauty | Luong Lasting | @luonglastingteam

Bridal Fashion | Blush Bridal | @blushbridalcouture

Cake | Katella Bakery | @katella_bakery

Floral Design | Little Hill Floral Designs | @LittleHillDesigns

Linens | BBJ Linen | @bbjlinen

Rentals + Decor | Heidi Davidson Design | @heididavidsondesign

Stationery | Heidi Davidson Design | @heididavidsondesign

DJ + Photobooth | VOX DJs | @voxdjs

How did the two of you meet?

Alex and I met at my annual snowboarding trip in Big Bear through a mutual friend of ours. I remember thinking… “who is this big tall freckled ginger with an even louder personality”??? He was definitely the life of the party… always joking around and making everyone laugh. He even jokingly asked me to marry him that weekend, after complimenting me on my cooking. I’ll always remember my friend’s response… “Um, it’s going to take more than you asking like that to get a girl like her”. Little did she know that 3 years later, he’d be planning out the most perfect proposal.


Did you have a romantic proposal?

Honestly, I have never been more surprised in my life than on the day Alex proposed. I didn’t know my friends and family were capable of all the scheming and secret keeping they did, but they kept it together for Alex. The proposal was amazing and perfect in every way. He decided to take me sailing around the Long Beach Pier one weekend, which I didn’t think anything of, because he had been sailing with his friends before and had asked me to go a few times already. He told me I could invite a couple of friends and make a nice day of it. It was a gorgeous day out, not a cloud in the sky and we were just cruising around the ocean. I wanted to take a few pictures at the front of the boat and he suggested we be corny and do a few ‘Titanic’ poses. I get to the front of the boat with my arms out wide, doing my silliest ‘Rose’ impression, waiting for photos to be taken, when I hear my sister shout at me to turn around and there he was, down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I immediately started crying and yelled out, “you are lying”. I was so shocked! But after I said yes, the surprises just kept coming. As we turned the boat around and got closer to docking at the pier, Alex tells me to look out to the restaurant on the pier overlooking the bay and out on the balcony, where all of our closest friends and family, with signs and balloons, were waving and cheering us on. It was the most magical day.

What inspired your wedding theme/color palette?

The Ebell of Long Beach was my entire inspiration. When I got engaged, I had no idea where to start or even what kind of wedding dress I wanted to wear. I had seen several other great venues, but none of them gave me any type of vision or inspiration. The second I walked through the doors of The Ebell and saw that beautiful black and white tiling, gold chandeliers and accents of greenery, I just knew that was going to be my color palette. I knew exactly what kind of wedding dress I wanted to wear, every flower decoration, the dresses, table settings, etc. Literally, every detail came together in my mind. It might sound funny to design your entire wedding around a venue, but for a girl who has never picked up a wedding magazine in her life or thought about her wedding day, until she got engaged, it was hands down the easiest decision.


How was the planning process?

The planning process was definitely overwhelming at times. I completely underestimated what it would take to pull a wedding together on my own. With that said, I am so glad I had the team from The Ebell and Pure Lavish Events helping me through every step of the way. Sharon at The Ebell was so patient and gracious in answering all of my crazy, ridiculous, wedding related questions and not once made me feel like I was crazy or ridiculous. Gia and Lauren from Pure Lavish Events are the dream team. They took care of any problems that were thrown my way and kept me sane through the whole process. Even the day before my wedding, there was an incident with all the votive decorations being dropped out of my car and 90 of them breaking. Pure Lavish was there to swoop in and save the day. Gia told me not to worry about it, made a few calls and all I know is that I definitely had votive decorations on my wedding day.


Any special moments or memories from your day that you’d like to share?

A special moment for Alex and I was when our parents got together for one last goodbye at the end of the night. They had never met or spoken prior to the wedding rehearsal and my parents were extremely nervous about meeting Alex’s parents. Their primary language is Korean and they have a hard time speaking English. During the rehearsal day, our parents didn’t get a chance to speak much to each other. Well, when it came time to say goodbye on the wedding night, our moms finally came together, hugged and talked about their love for each of us. Our fathers shook hands and talked about golfing with each other. It was in that moment that Alex and I felt the love our families had for each other, that even with a language barrier and cultural differences, no matter what, we were all family.