From the Photographer… This wedding was absolutely stunning and we had so much fun! Morgan and Jake are one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet! Morgan loves how Jake warms her heart… he is the one who calms her. He is the one who listens and is always there for her. Jake loves Morgan’s passion, devotion and unwavering style. She has a kind spirit that makes it really easy to share anything with her. Their relationship is like none other! From inside jokes to deep conversations, they are best friends who love each other deeply!


Where did you and Jake meet?

Jake and I met in college. He was in a fraternity and I was in a sorority. We met at one of the functions on campus and connected on Facebook. Our first date was to a UNC Charlotte alumni auction where I met his ENTIRE family. It was a bit scary. From then on we were inseparable. We went through our sophomore, junior and senior years together in college and in September of 2017 we began building our first house which we moved in to in April 2018. We have two fur babies together and both work in the medical industry.


Jake and I are die-hard Carolina Panther fans and have not missed a game in 3 years so that is something we enjoy on Sundays.


Tell us about the proposal

We got engaged in May 2017 on a cruise ship. We had cruised to St. Thomas where Jake’s dad has a family friend who owns a jewelry store. We went in and I played around with a couple of wedding rings, not knowing that I was actually picking out my own ring that Jake was going to propose to me with 2 days later in the middle of dinner on a cruise ship. The one thing I regret about my proposal is that only ugly crying photos of me were captured (lol).


Any advice for the newly engaged?

Some advice I would give to the newly engaged is to get to know every little thing about your partner. Their likes and dislikes. What makes their day better and sometimes worse. It’s also good to spend some alone time, to go on dates with each other and just plan fun activities.


For the wedding planning process, I hand-picked all of my vendors and made sure that every detail I wanted was included. I also had the assistance of Tara Bland with Tara B’s wedding and It’s My Party rentals located in Hickory NC. Tara helped with my day of coordination, my flowers and all of my decorations. Without her, I couldn’t have done it. I would recommend to any new bride to hire a day of wedding coordinator.