How did you meet?

Connor and I met by chance on the first weekend of school as freshman at Indiana University. He was visiting a high school friend who lived on my dorm floor one night when stopped by to say ‘hi’ to her. He introduced himself and asked that I go to a party with them that night. I decided to go and ended up staying up until 4am walking around campus, talking and quickly becoming best friends. Fast forward 6 months when Connor finally asked me to be his girlfriend on January 28, 2011.

How was the romantic proposal?

My mom and I were on vacation visiting family in Iran with plans to stop in Paris for a couple of days. Leading up the trip, we were planning out our days and my mom mentioned going to the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower which we have visited previously. When it was time to go to dinner, my mom insisted that we first go try a new place she found online for photos. I agreed, but meanwhile, I was wearing uncomfortable heels, hungry and becoming annoyed as to why we had to walk so far for these photos. As we trudged up the cobblestone hill and stairs, I started to get suspicious. As I turned the corner to climb the final set of stairs, I saw Connor waiting at the top. Shocked to see him in Paris, allI could do was yell “what are you doing here?!?!”He motioned for me to come up and all he could muster up was “I am here to tell you I made reservations for your birthday next week” before going down on one knee.

What was your inspiration for your wedding theme/colors and how did you incorporate it?

We dated for 7 years before becoming engaged and another 2 years to plan, so I had a lot of time to pin my ‘dream wedding’. Our main priority was to have an unforgettable evening surrounded by those closest to us with great food, drinks and dancing. We wanted an unexpected venue and not the traditional beach wedding one thinks of when you tell them you’re having a Cabo wedding, which is how we found Acre. It’s such a naturally gorgeous space and we knew it wouldn’t take much to create the elegant, romantic wedding, we were looking for. We settled on white and burgundy to play off of the natural beauty of our venue.

Do you have any special moments you’d like to share?

One of my favorite moments from the day is when we sneaked into the reception space before the guests were allowed in and were able to see the pictures and conversations come alive. It was such a special moment for Connor and I to see the finished product alone and have time to take it all in. Lastly, I loved seeing all of our different friend groups and family members come together and dance the entire night with us! To see everyone have a great time and appreciate the planning that went into the evening was amazing!