Paige and Gino

Rockleigh, New Jersey



Photography | J Stud Studio | @jstudstudio

Venue | The Rockleigh Country Club | @therockleigh

A Roma wedding is a fancy event. Paige and Gino’s was no exception. In fact it’s one of the most fanciest weddings I have attended. A Roma wedding is one of the few times Roma’s go all out to get really dressed up and gather together. It was a true celebration of love and a celebration of loved ones, it was a big deal not only for the lucky couple, but also for the whole community. To show respect for the bride and groom the attendees wore their best clothes meaning fancy suits for men and elegant evening gowns for the women. The events of the evening included a handfasting and wonderful dowry dinner (placing the bills in a carved-out loaf of bread), dancing procession in circles with a staff and even tango dancers to end the evening.