Patty and Davis

Lake Placid, New York



Photography | Nicole Nero Studio | @nicolenerostudio

Venue | Lake Placid Lodge | @lakeplacidlodge

Officiant | Chaplain Claudia Myer

From the Photographer

This Lake Placid Lodge wedding was truly one for the books! Patty and Davis reached out to me not long before their big day about their plans of eloping and after 11.5 years together, making things official on paper! They had planned a few days trip, rented The Whitney cabin at Lake Placid Lodge and planned to tie the knot on one of their first days there. They got ready together and as they were getting ready, I randomly asked Davis if their families knew they were there and he said ‘no’ and I nearly jumped with excitement (and I’m hoping that now, their families are jumping right along with me!!)! A true elopement! In addition to the excitement, I have to say I was a bit jealous that I didn’t make this plan myself when I got married back in July, so major kudos to these two for doing what they truly desired! One thing that they didn’t exactly plan for was the day of their elopement, out of all days that week, that day the temps were below zero with the wind chill. Did this really matter? NOPE! Not at all! We still ventured outside for lots of photos and they even got married outside in Fire Cove and toughed the temps like true champions! As much as it was a bit unplanned, it will be such a sweet reference and anytime the temps fall they’ll be reminded of the day they said “I Do”. What’s more perfect than that?!