Rachel and David

Lafayette, Indiana



Photography | Victoria Rayburn Photography | @victorialrayburn

Photography (second shooter) | Heather Colby Photography

Ceremony Venue | St Thomas Aquinas

Reception Venue | Rat Pak Venue

Floral Designer | Bennett’s Greenhouse

Gown Salon | Gretchen’s  Bridal Superstore

Men’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse @menswearhouse

Beauty | Mallory’s Beautiful You Salon & Spa

Jewelry | JCPenney | @jcpenney

Ring Designer | Etsy

Ring Designer | Bishops Jewelry | @bishopsjewelry

Cake | Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe

Bakery | Mary Lou Donuts

Caterer | Olive Garden | @olivegarden

Invitations | Minted | @minted

DJ | Rat Pack Mobile DJ’s

From the Photographer

“Dave, you took on the vows of a husband far before you were ever required. You treat me with respect. You are devoted to our love, make sacrifices in the name of us and even though you don’t always have the words, you make it known that your love be above all else.” Rachel read these words to Dave during their first look, while I tried to prevent the tears filling my eyes from causing me to miss a second of their special moment. After an incredibly trying year for this darling couple, Dave and Rachel’s wedding day was filled with nothing but joy.


Dave & Rachel became husband & wife on Saturday, June 8, 2019. Before we dive into Dave and Rachel’s big day, I think it’s important to note that Dave owes his mom, Terrie, big time! Because, Terrie brought Rachel into Dave’s life. In 2015, Rachel and Terrie met when they started working together. Rachel and Terrie loved being coworkers and got to know one another well. A little while later, Terrie told Rachel that she’d really like Rachel to meet her son David, who was going through Army training at the time. Dave and Rachel weren’t sure about the setup, especially after Rachel realized that Dave’s twin brother was actually her brother’s best friend. Small world! But, Rachel couldn’t resist at least seeing if Terrie was onto something. So, Rachel contacted Dave and they started texting. They were talking so regularly that Dave and Rachel decided that they should meet in person when Dave was home next. A few months later, Dave came home on leave, and it didn’t take long for Dave and Rachel to realize that Terrie was 100% right. Way to go, Mom! For the next year and a half, Dave and Rachel made long distance work. Dave was stationed in Fort Wainwright, Alaska and Rachel was studying nursing at Purdue. They saw one another as much as possible. Dave came home to Lafayette, Indiana when he could and Rachel visited Alaska during breaks from school.

David popped the question in Chicago in December 2017 and Rachel — of course— said yes! And, on Saturday, June 8, 2019, Dave and Rachel became husband and wife. (Well, legally, they were already married. More on that in a sec!).They became one in front of 100 of their closest friends and family members at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in West Lafayette, Indiana — the church Rachel grew up in and still attends.


These two have already endured more than most couples who’ve been married for decades. First, being the significant other of someone in the armed forces is no easy feat. For years, Dave and Rachel have sacrificed time together and reworked their personal plans countless times for the sake of the United States. Dave and Rachel, thank you both for your service. On top of this, Rachel was diagnosed with lymphoma in January of 2019.


With Dave being so far away and Rachel’s mother—Mary—also battling cancer, you’d think that Rachel’s diagnosis would’ve been crushing for both this couple and their families. However, Dave, Rachel and their loved ones pulled together. They were determined to fight cancer and ensure Dave and Rachel’s wedding day was everything they hoped it would be. Dave came home to be with Rachel as often as he could and in order to make sure that the Army honored leave for Dave, Dave and Rachel legally got married at the courthouse before their wedding day. Today, Dave has been reassigned to working in the Army’s recruiting office in Lafayette, so he can be with Rachel as she finishes both school and chemo. Mary is currently cancer free and with a few more rounds of chemotherapy, doctors hope that Rachel will be able to say the same very soon.


Dave and Rachel, I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire the two of you. I pray that you always fight for each other and your relationship—just like you have for the last year. David & Rachel celebrated their wedding at the Rat Pak Venue in Lafayette, Indiana. After their ceremony, Dave, Rachel and their guests crossed the river to celebrate the Redinbos’ wedding at the Rat Pak Venue in Lafayette, Indiana. They danced the night away to DJ Powder (Rat Pak Mobile DJs are the best wedding DJs if you want my opinion!), enjoyed a feast provided by Olive Garden and munched on beautiful donuts from Mary Lou Donuts. After a trying year, Dave and Rachel’s wedding reception was the perfect way to let loose!