Rachel and Joel were such a pleasure to be around! They had this calming presence about them the whole day and it instantly made the day feel like pure perfection. Now, I usually meet my couples before their wedding day during an engagement session, however, Rachel and Joel were living in Cleveland at the time they booked with me ( a little over 2 years ago!) so we did not get to meet each other before their wedding day. Let me tell you, I was SO excited to meet them! Not having any clue of who they are before getting to the wedding day can be a little intimidating. When I am with my couples I just don’t stop talking. I prompt them and I tell them exactly what I need them to do. Were Rachel and Joel going to like my personality?? All of these feelings of the unknown quickly washed away as soon as I met them! Both had smiles from ear to ear and they were so happy to do anything I needed them to do. They were wonderful to work with and I am so honored they chose me to be their wedding photographer!


I had a lot of favorite moments from their wedding day. Getting to spend time with the wedding party on the beach after the ceremony was so much fun! We were all laughing and having a great time, and I even let them all go with enough time to join in cocktail hour. I loved getting to spend a ton of time with Rachel and Joel for their beach portraits as well as sun set portraits, just wait until to see those photos! Another moment that I loved was when Rachel’s grandfather gave the blessing. He is the absolute cutest thing and I just wanted to bring him home with me! His speech was the sweetest and he even got up on the dance floor a few times and busted out some great moves! Okay, one more! I loved Joel’s reaction when seeing Rachel for the first time walking down the aisle. He had the biggest smile on his face and he gave her a little wave! I thought it was just the sweetest gesture!! They both cried while reading their vows which was also, soooo sweet! Gah!