It started with an email, tentatively at first, she quickly wowed me with her insanely funny tone of voice. Via email. All of a sudden we were talking about how she’d love for me to focus on her handsome future husband during the wedding, and not her. I don’t think she’d like me to say why. But on the day I ignored her, and I am glad I did. She is beautiful in so many ways. It’s funny how the ones who don’t think they are attractive are the most beautiful inside.


It’s not just the way she kept a gentle dialogue going with everyone around her, it’s the way all her guests relished her attention. Any time she turned her head they were there, waiting to hear what she had to say.



The setting is a tropical botanical garden in the Redlands outside Miami. On a long dusty farm road there is an oasis covered in trees so tall the drone took a whole 40 seconds to descend without getting tangled in Spanish Moss or palm fronds before we got it just perfectly placed for the shot above one of the sparkling coral lined swimming pools.


Of all the amazing, original construction buildings on property, the Barn was our favorite, it’s been photographed in so many different lights it’s hard to tell it’s the same place. The reception at the Murphy Leon wedding was held outside in the cool March evening breeze, adjacent to the horse gently nickering beneath the Strangler Fig tree and peacocks strutting around the paddock.


No matter what your thoughts upon entering this surprising oasis, whether it’s ‘wow, that is a big monkey, is that a Capuchin?’ or ‘look at the feathers around the head of that bird!’ it’s just magical beyond words this tropical former avocado plantation in Miami. When you leave there is a new evergreen dream home a memory burned into your subconsciousness.


Mine is still vivid. Inhabited by the beautiful white organza and lace of Rachels wedding gown, her full busted figure and the glorious dark locks tumbling around her pretty face, the stunning bright white smile and beautiful brown eyes that dazzled as she went from a Ms to a Mrs. Enjoy the film and come visit soon. Chantal Lawrie will have photographs ready and when she does we will share them here too.