From the Photographer…

Rebecca & Jimmy’s urban wedding was gorgeous and classy. Walking into the suite where Rebecca and the girls were getting ready was instant awesome. They were just finishing up with hair & makeup, so we were able to get a ton of awesome candids, details, and getting ready shots.


Our favorite part of Becca’s dress was all that texture and the dainty details on the back. Her shoes were freakin adorable and she even had a matching soft pink pair that she wore the night before at the rehearsal dinner. We loved hanging out with them and watching Becca try to open a champagne bottle for her toast was priceless… especially because of the Bridesmaid’s reactions. Jimmy seemed a little tense while getting ready, but he was just as excited. He didn’t want to see Rebecca before the ceremony, so we kept them all separate. That proved to be quite a challenge since the best place in the hotel for photos is in the lobby and bar area, but all the walls are windows! It took some maneuvering and timing on our part to pull it off, but we nailed it. I took the girls a few blocks down the street to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, a complex full of theaters with soft lighting and an urban setting. The guys stayed hidden on a random floor while we made our escape. We had a good 15 minutes to knock it out before (as it turns out) the theaters let out and the complex was flooded with 2,000 patrons! We tried heading back, but the guys weren’t done yet, so we stalled by taking some more photos in front of a hotel across the street (and out of sight).


Seeing their faces when Becca and Jimmy saw each other was like looking at two teenagers excited for their first date. It was a beautiful ceremony that ended with a perfect kiss.