Rosalie and Daniel

Las Vegas, Nevada



Photography | Ross Kyker Photography | @rosskykerphoto

Venue | The Doyle | @doylelasvegas

Cinematography | Drone Pixel | @dronepixel

Daniel and Rosalie had traditional latino wedding elements to their day. During the ceremony, they had a lasso of white satin cord, to represent them joining together physically, placed on them by the Grandparents. They also had a mariachi band come in at the end of their ceremony to play while they walked out and played throughout the evening.


During the reception, they did “La Vibora de la Mar” where the bride and groom stand on a chair facing each other with the veil and make an arch. Guests then make two lines while holding hands – they are the “snakes.” When the music starts, both lines of guests run around the couple, under the bridge. As the chorus of the song gets faster, guests increase their speed. The objective is to not break the snake’s formation and to have fun during the process. The game continues until the song is over. Typically, the bouquet and garter toss follow the dance. Lastly, they did a money dance and had plenty of rice and beans for everyone.