From the Photographer

Sarah and Adam started off their day by popping champagne, sharing stories and laughter with their friends and getting ready for the rest of their lives together. Their wedding landed on ‘National Dog Biscuit Day’, so what better way to honor that than having their cute pup celebrate with them? Of course their dog, Sushi, had to get glammed up too, so they painted her nails pink – awesome right?


Their wedding was inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Sarah wore an off the shoulder gown and added a dainty gold hair piece for detail. Her niece was in a whimsical dress and floral crown. They had a garden filled with flowers from Velvet & Twine – they were absolutely beautiful! Seeing Sarah’s face as she walked down the aisle and locking eyes with her future hubby for the first time, made it feel like they were falling in love with each other all over again. She was so excited to see Adam’s reaction and couldn’t wait to get down the aisle. They first met at the hair salon where Sarah worked. Their admiration for one another was undeniable. So, about two years later, Sarah was the one to make the bold move and asked Adam when he was going to ask her out. I guess it worked, because the two have been hooked ever since!


Adam proposed with his thick southern accent on their three year anniversary in New York. Sarah has a friend that owns the store ‘Lexie’ so he pulled a couple of strings and got a window display saying “Will You Marry Me?” Sarah almost completely missed the entire thing before saying “YES!”. Now, they are starting their next chapter together forever. We are so happy we got to share these heartwarming moments with them.