How did you meet?

I believe it was one of those situations where we just met at the right time! We went to junior and high school together – and although we were never actually friends, we would always pass by one another. About a year after I graduated high school, we were both at a friend’s house when we recognized one another, but didn’t know whether to formally introduce ourselves or pretend as if we already knew each other. We had a connection right away and began dating two weeks later!


How was the proposal?

He totally got me! For our seven year anniversary, we planned a road trip to big Sur and Monterey. Cory woke me up early that morning. He had a gift in his hand and he laid it next to me as I slowly woke up. It was a beautiful diamond necklace. I thought to myself, the engagement wasn’t happening on this trip – and that’s ok! We enjoyed our morning driving up north and were both looking forward to catching the sunset on the coast of Big Sur. Cory, being really into photography, told me that he really wanted to get photos at this overlook with the “best sunset”, I believed him. But, he realized we couldn’t get to his special overlook because of road closures (due to recent mudslides) and he was SO upset.


We decided to just drive as far down the coast as we could and see what happens. We found a cute restaurant where we were able to have a few drinks while we waited for the sun to set. We then walked down to try and find a spot to take his perfect photo. He took some time to find a good spot for the sunset and set up his tripod – which wasn’t out of the ordinary for him. He had me to pretend to look out at the sunset for his perfect, insta-worthy photo. Then he said… “I got the shot. You can turn around now”. He was down on one knee proposing to me. I was completely shocked and could barely utter the words, “yes!”. Meanwhile, his camera was capturing the moment. It was perfect and I finally understood why the “best sunset” overlook had to be perfect.

What was your inspiration for your wedding?

I always knew I wanted a neutral color scheme and I was always drawn to elements of both modern and boho-styled weddings. I told Bonnie and her team (Bliss Events) my vision which included having lots of greenery, soft white flowers, a ton of candles and wood tones. They blew me away the day of the wedding when I saw it all come together. They made my vision happen – only BETTER!


Do you have any special or memorable moments from your wedding day you’d like to share?

Having a destination wedding, allowed for so many memorable moments. We were able to share an entire weekend with friends and family, instead of just one night. From lounging by the pool, exploring downtown San Jose and of course, the wedding events! We were on cloud nine all weekend long!