Sheena and Norman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Photography | Mantas Kubilinskas Photography | @mantaskubilnskasphotography

Venue | Penn Museum | @pennmuseum

From the Photographer

Norman and Sheena met online. She is from Dallas and had to move to DC for work in 2015. At first, Sheena didn’t realize how far her future-to-be husband worked, as his job was in Delaware. They both had busy schedules in the healthcare field, but Norman was still able to make it work by commuting to DC almost every weekend after they met.


Besides thir dedication, they became good friends very quickly, partly because of their similar (as they both say) Taiwanese background. The couple’s parents are from Taiwan, while Norman and Sheena both were born in the United States. In fact, Sheena had moved back to Taiwan for 10 years before returning to the States for school and college graduation. As the happy couple agrees, their personalities also match very well. They’re both laid back, both love cats and dogs and they enjoy traveling with their cameras.