Jack and I met Shiraz and Jeff at Rollins College on Sunday, November 11. It couldn’t have been a more GORGEOUS day. I sent Jack to collect Jeff on the other side of the campus as I waited for Shiraz to arrive. She stepped out of her friend’s vehicle in the most stunning wedding dress I had ever seen. She was basically a princess waiting for her prince! We arrived at the garden in the center of the Knowles Memorial Chapel. Shiraz’s sister, Sharon, helped her hide behind the columns. Jack led Jeff to the other side of the garden, careful to not let him see his bride-to-be.


Sharon adjusted Shiraz’s train as she stepped into place by the fountain in the center of the garden. Slowly, she made her way to her groom-to-be, gently tapping him on the shoulder. When Jeff turned around, he could not stop gushing over Shiraz (cue my ugly tears behind the lens). They shared an intimate moment together and we started their portrait session. Jack and I kept joking that Jeff could be a GQ model because he was killing every photo! With the architecture of Rollins College and the exquisite couple, everything turned out perfect and just as Shiraz imagined.


After our portrait session was over, we made our way to the beautifully decorated Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry. As you might guess by the name, the entire venue was covered in sparkling crystal decor, which definitely matched the couple’s vibe! As Shiraz walked down the aisle on her dad’s arm, Jeff was still all smiles. They had an intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family.

Every piece of decor for Shiraz and Jeff’s wedding was exquisite. With soft pinks, white, and gold, it was made for a queen and king. They had the most unique cake I had ever seen that reminded me of a castle! The desserts didn’t stop there, though. With tuxedo chocolate mousse, tiramisu, golden strawberry cheesecake, and vanilla donuts with gold ornament, there was something for everyone!


Parties don’t really start until the reception. After their grand entrance and first dance, toasts were made and the dinner was blessed by Shiraz’s father, who is also a priest. He made one request at the end – “Lord, please bless me with some grandchildren… not a dog.” (Shiraz and Jeff’s dog, Layla, welcomed the guests with an adorable photo at the front entrance!) Dinner ended and cake cutting ensued.


The DJ then made a special announcement that Jeff was going to be singing to Shiraz. He started his rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me.” He claimed he couldn’t sing well but wanted to do it anyway. Jack and I honestly thought it was a recording, because Jeff NAILED IT and sounded so similar! We were blown away, as was the rest of the room. The dance floor opened and the guests danced the night away with Shiraz and Jeff.