Sonia and Ryan

Ocoee, Florida



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The Beautiful Wedding Ceremony of Sonia & Ryan According To Hindu Vedic Rites…



The Hindu (Vedic) Wedding – Vivaah Sanskaar is based on Vaidik Teachings originating from the Vedas (the Eternal Principles given by God). The following is the procedure of the Vedic Wedding ceremony according to the Sanskaar Vidhi of Maharishi Swami Dayananda.


Baraat Swaagat – The bride’s party welcomes the groom’s party in front of the wedding shrine with the recitation of Vedic mantras. The fathers of the bride and groom embrace each other.


Parichhan – The bride’s mother and other respectable married ladies shower grains and wave light over the groom to invoke powers of prosperity.


Var Mandapa Pravesha – Bridegroom enters the Ceremonial Area.


Vadhoo Mandapa Pravesha – Bride enters the Ceremonial Area


Aasana Daana – Bride offers the Bridegroom a seat


Madhuparka Daana — Bride offers a drink of yogurt and honey to the Bridegroom


Kanyaa Daana – Bride’s Parents offer their daughter’s hand in marriage to the Bridegroom


Vastra Daana – The Bridegroom offers gifts to the bride.

Paarasparika Jaya-maala Daana – The bride garlands the bridegroom and vice-versa


Havan – Lighting of the Sacred Fire (symbolizes the illumination of mind, knowledge and happiness) to the chanting of Vedic Mantras, invoking the blessing of God.


Paani Grahana – The Bridegroom takes the Bride’s hand, promising to look after her and keep her happy as they go around the Sacred Fire once.


Yajnakunda Pradakshinaa – The Bridegroom leads the Bride around the Sacred Fire three times while chanting mantras, and finally ending with “Let us live a long life together and while living, let us see and hear the best things in life”.


Shilaa’ rohana (stepping on the stone) – The Bridegroom chants a mantra and the Bride places her right foot on a stone to affirm her commitment to the marriage – as solid as a rock.


Laaja Aahuti – The Bride places both her hands into the Bridegroom’s and her brother puts popped grain (a symbol of prosperity) into them. Together the bride and groom offers the popped grain into the Sacred Fire asking God to grant them long life, health, happiness and prosperity.


Saraswati Stavana — The Bridegroom now chants in praise of his bride


Yajnakunda Pradakshinaa – While mantras are being chanted, the Bride leads the Bridegroom around the Sacred Fire three times, followed by the Bridegroom leads once.


Shesha Laajaa’huti –Offering of remaining grains


Granthi Bandhana (tying the knot) – The Bride’s scarf is tied to that of the Bridegroom as a symbol of the permanent union between the bride. and groom.


Sapta Padee (seven step) –  Hand in hand the Bride and Bridegroom take seven steps from South West to North East vowing to each other:

“That all your pleasures and all your pains you will share with me, for wherever you go, there I will be; I take this first step with you. That I may protect our family with love and that I love with my whole heart; I take this second step with you. That we wash our minds clean of lust in the water of wisdom and we may learn and trust together; I take this third step with you. That we may let our joy and work lessen the suffering of others; I take this fourth step with you. That I tend to your every need and remain ever faithful to you; I take this fifth step with you. That we live within our means with spiritual wealth; I take this sixth step with you. That, with this Sacred Fire as our witness, you are my companion until death; I take this seventh step with you.”


Jal Abhi-Sinchana – Water, as the sustainer of life, is sprinkled on the head of the couple.


Hridaya Sparshana (touching of hearts) – The Bride and Bridegroom face each other and put their right hand on each other’s heart and chant “ I take your heart into my vows. May your mind follow my mind. May you listen to my voice attentively and lovingly because God has given you me and me to you to live together in wedded life”. They then exchange rings.


Sindoora Daana – The Bridegroom applies sindoor (vermillion powder) to the centre parting of the Bride’s hair on her forehead, signifying she is now a married woman. The Bridegroom also give his Bride a sacred necklace (Mangal Sutra). The Mangal Sutra represents the couple’s togetherness, love and sacred union.


Completion of Havan – Sabhaa Aasheervachana (blessing) – The Priest closes the wedding ceremony with his blessing. Flower petals are given to the guests, who offer their blessings by showering the couple with the flower petals.