Tara and Bryan

Lexington, Kentucky



Photography | Lenses and Laughter | @lensesandlaughter

Venue | Talon Winery and Vineyard | @talon_wine

Gown | David’s Bridal | @davidsbridal

From the Photographer

Bryan and Tara began way back in the day – we’re talking elementary school era. They were the best of friends, but Bryan’s family relocated to Florida when they were in middle school. Keeping their friendship in mind, they managed to keep in touch. Mind you this was the era where there wasn’t the internet to make it easy. Landlines and all, these two remained friends. As time passed, Bryan got married had kids but throughout life whenever their paths crossed they made a point to catch back up. Recently, they crossed paths again, Bryan was a single man and the rest was history. These two finished off something that fate kept nudging them to do all along. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Talon Winery and Vineyards on Memorial Day with all of their closest friends and family in attendance.