Every wedding is unique – each one should reflect two individuals becoming one with background music, delicious food and a getaway filled with cheers. It is one day to celebrate a lifetime of happiness. One day that is completely yours. So what type of wedding would you choose?


On average, there are 2.5 million weddings in the United States each year. That is 2.5 million different ways to celebrate love with factors such as location, religion and culture playing a big part in what we as guests and loved ones see. Of course, there’s always the photographer to consider, as they will be the deciding factor on how your wedding day is remembered for years to come. When all of these decisions come together in the photographs, we have chosen to display them on our Real Weddings page.


Real Weddings is a collection of weddings from all over the country plus a few destinations around the world. It is a showcase of the entire celebration, from the nervous smiles as the bride slips on her dress to the midnight waves as the newlyweds head off for a life of happiness together and everything in between. It is meant as inspiration for future brides and memories for those whose weddings have come and gone.


Whether you love to browse different gowns and the way they compliment a bride’s personality, or you’re a wedding planner curious about how others have planned their day; whether you get a tear in your eye when the groom sees his bride or you need ideas of poses for your own photos, these albums are beautiful and unique – they’re truly what Tacari Weddings is all about. So pick an album, scroll through and feel the privilege of getting a front row seat to a couple’s one very special wedding day.

Photo Provided by Rowan Oak Studios

Photo Provided by Brittany Lee Photography

Photo Provided by Lis Anderson Photography

Photo Provided by Lorin Kelly Photography

Photo Provided by Jeremy Blode

Photo Provided by Your Lovely Wedding

Photo Provided by Tara Arseven Photography

Photo Provided by Chrissy Gilmartin Photography

Photo Provided by Dani Nicole Photography

Photo Provided by Nikk Nguyen