Milly and Adam

September 16, 2017

Goodlettsville, Tennessee


Photographer |  @IvoryDoorStudio |

Venue |  @DrakewoodFarm |

Catering | @CraveCateringEvents|

Wedding Gown |  TheWhiteRoom.US

Gown Designer | @CasablancaBridal |

Floral | TheFlowerChic

Donuts  |  NuvoDonuts

Men’s Formalwear | JosABanks

Hair/Makeup | @KellyValente.hmua

DJ | Justin Richmond


Adam and Milly met during the summer of 2003. It was right before Milly’s freshman year in high school and Adam’s junior year. Adam was a lifeguard and Milly was the girl who knew nothing about boys, makeup or clothes. Adam knew from the moment he saw Milly that they would be married one day… little did he know, she would make him work for it…


“Adam and I wound up going to the same high school together. He was the cute popular athletic guy whose senior superlative was “best body” that dated the beautiful cheerleaders and I was the incredibly awkward tomboy that skateboarded every day and wore boys tennis shoes. We’ll just say I definitely did not peak in high school. He tried dating me all throughout school, I constantly turned him down because, to put it simply, I was intimidated. Fast forward to 2007, he found me on a dinosaur of a website called MySpace and asked me out on a date once again. I agreed… the rest is history.”


“I was never too concerned about getting married. I was never “that” girl that always had dreams of a wedding. I knew we loved each other madly and that’s all I really needed. In 2013 we had our first son, Lenox. People would always ask us when he was going to propose and he would always jokingly say “when we’re together 7 years,” and I just never took it too seriously. 2014 rolls around, we are now seven years deep and we had a very vague conversation about marriage. I mean I love him, I’m not opposed to it, we now have a son, so what could marriage hurt? My only request was that if he did actually want to propose, I wanted it to be a surprise. I didn’t want to go look at rings together… none of that nonsense. No pressure on his end, right?”

Milly & Adam Fall Boho Inspired Wedding at Drakewood Farms outside of Nashville, Tennessee

The proposal… “I had an extremely busy Friday planned. I went to work and then as soon as I got off, I had to do some crafts for my best friends baby shower. I made a point to tell Adam “please do not invite one person over, I have so much to do tonight…” Of course I get home from work and my house was full of our best friends. This is nothing new, as we love to entertain and love to be surrounded by friends. There was nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that I distinctly asked him not to invite anyone over. He said he was in the mood for margaritas and since we didn’t have any limes, he asked if I would go to the store and grab some. I didn’t feel like it… it was cold out and we had lemons which would work just fine, I really thought he was being a little picky. But, my girlfriend said “It’s ok I’ll drive and we can go together!” She stopped for gas and then went to a store that was about 10 minutes out of the way. I found the limes and of course she talked me into shopping around a bit so naturally I ended up with a basket full of groceries. We were gone for about an hour. By the time we got back I had loads of bags to bring in and unload. One of my friends was in the kitchen cleaning and he kept saying things like “What kind of crazy music is Adam listening to out there?” (referring to my back patio) I just replied with “Who knows, but help me with all these bags!” After a few attempts to get me to go on the patio he finally just said “Milly will you please go look out on the patio!?!” I opened the curtain and immediately saw “WILL YOU MARRY ME” written in about 750 tea light candles, surrounded with rose petals. I opened the door to Adam on one knee, crying and an Ed Sheeran song playing on our stereo. I was shocked. Mission accomplished.”



The planning… “I made our original Wedding date 09/10/16. I had my bachelorette party planned and paid for, had my dress, had my venue and my photographer chosen almost immediately. I had 12 bridesmaids and I kept joking (but not really) with them that “they better not get pregnant because I want all of them on my bachelorette trip!” March 2016 rolls around. Guess who finds out she’s pregnant? Yup. Yours truly… me! I immediately had to refund all the bachelorette money and moved all my dates to the following year. My second (and last) sweet baby boy, Aiker, was born and boy was he a game changer. I changed everything. No more bridesmaids, no more coordinating colors… nothing. And I loved it. I wanted something sexy and bohemian and intimate and… just us. It was just Adam and I in front of all our friends and family (and our two boys were the cutest ring bearers you’d ever seen). I walked down the aisle to the song “Yellow” by Coldplay but covered by the Vitamin String Quartet. We had 200 guests, served tacos (adams favorite) and had three signature drinks. The “Milly Mule” with Deep Eddy’s vodka with ginger beer and lemon. The “Mexican Mule” with Tequila ginger beer and lime and “Something Blue” with Picker’s blueberry vodka and sprite. We didn’t do anything traditional. We didn’t do a cake cutting but we had a table filled with beautiful delicious donuts and pastries. We didn’t do a garter toss (my dress was too tight and that’s just awkward in front of my dad), and our first dance was to a song called “Hard to Concentrate” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The colors I wanted was literally every shade of red and pink with pops of yellow and gold.”


“My wedding was by far the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. The vibe was exactly what I wanted. Our send off was in a giant party bus that took 30 of our closest friends to live it up in Nashville. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance!”