Rent a Piano For Your First Dinner Party As a Married Couple!



Imagine you, your partner and all of your friends, enjoying a dinner party at home. This is your first, as a married couple. The aroma of the foods, the laughter of your guests and the piano playing in the background. Wait… what? You don’t have a piano? No problem!


If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance before a classic dinner party or event, PianoPiano, the #1 piano rental service, can provide the accessory that will take your décor to the next level. With over 60 years in the piano rental business, PianoPiano has placed pianos in Carnegie Hall, hotels, apartments and countless amounts of Broadway shows. Prices start as low as $200 and you have the option to rent high-quality pianos for 3 months, 10 years or beyond.



Sarah Binder Mehta is the President of leading piano rental company, PianoPiano. After graduating from Cornell in 2001 she made her way to the University of Michigan Law School where she focused her studies on products liability defense. Sarah joined forces with her father Jerry Binder in 2014 to continue the family business and provide a stress-free and affordable piano rental process to consumers. Sarah focuses on high-quality pianos which includes day-to-day strategizing and coordinating with craftsmen and designers. PianoPiano has placed pianos everywhere- from Carnegie Hall to The Top of the Rock, hundreds of Broadway shows and music festivals. Now with over 60 years of business, Sarah is leading the third generation of the number one piano rental source in NYC, PianoPiano.