Safari In South Africa | Dream Honeymoon Destination

South Africa has always been – for a lot of travelers and adventurous ones – a dream destination. Apart from visiting Cape Town; enjoying the outstanding view from Table Mountain; taking a walking tour in Woodstock; enjoying a cool safari, are just some of the things you can enjoy while visiting. Timbuktu, a travel planning start-up company based in Cape Town was created to make Africa more accessible to all – allowing you to plan your own safari trip, despite budget and experience.

“Our technology saves travelers money by allowing them to design their own safaris and removing high agent fees. As they design their trip, our guests can see an instant cost estimate, allowing them to choose lodges according to their style and fully maximize their budget. Our range of lodges is unbiased, affordable and accessible and our travelers have the freedom to shop and change at the touch of a button. We focus on the hidden gems, not just the ones that make the pages of the magazines.” Johnny Prince Co-founder & CEO, Timbuktu


Looking to take a safari for a luxurious holiday getaway, honeymoon or anniversary and don’t know where to start? Well today, you have a solution. Introducing Timbuktu, a travel planning startup based in Cape Town, South Africa, is an interactive experience where travelers can fully customize their once-in-a-lifetime safari trips. Users have access to a selection of curated routes across Africa, allowing them to choose from multiple themes that fit their travel preferences, whether for a honeymoon, wine tasting excursion, a relaxing beach break and more. In addition, the traveler has access to hundreds of handpicked lodges from rustic luxury “glamping under the stars” to 4- and 5-star boutique hotels. Once complete, the individually designed trip is sent to Timbuktu’s on-the-ground concierge team who have expert knowledge of African tours and safaris to guide the traveler throughout the planning process, making a safari dream trip into a reality.


Here are some additional tips to help you plan your South African safari…


Start Planning in advance

You will be amazed with the number of things you can include in your safari in South Africa. Lots to think about prior to leaving on your trip so make sure you leave plenty of time so you can plan your once-in-a-lifetime getaway.


When will you be traveling?

South Africa is a year-round destination due to its varying regional climates and wildlife. The Cape has beautiful, hot, dry weather in the summer months between November and February, while the best time to visit for whale watching is between July and November. It is always good to do some research and predict the weather on the dates you are planning your trip.


Visas and Vaccinations

Be sure to check on your own country’s requirements. Here, in the States, if you’re visiting South Africa for ninety days or less for tourism/business purposes, you won’t need a visa. As far as vaccinations, they normally consist of coverage against Tetanus and Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. But, again, we stress that you do your research and make sure you have made all necessary plans prior to departure.


Camera, Power Adaptor and Duffel Bag

Let’s call it what it is… you’re going to have beautiful photos in South Africa. And you’re not going to be too happy, should you leave behind your photo-taking essentials and miss that ever so cool lion on the African safari. Bring a good camera and a large memory card! And make sure your phone is full of power! Power Plugs are different in South Africa, so double check your power adaptor. Although Michael Kors bags are undoubtedly beautiful bags… you might want to opt out of bringing MK on the safari… try a duffel bag or a backpack instead. | | 347.690.0159

Article written by Mariana Alegra | Tacari Weddings