Samantha and Chris

Austin, Texas



Photography | Nikk NguyenPhoto | @nikknguyenphoto

Venue | The Contemporary Austin: Laguna Gloria | @contemporaryatx

It wasn’t hard to tell that this engagement shoot was going to be amazing right from the start. I mean, when your client shows up wearing a hat from your favorite hat designer, Goorin Bros, you know it’s going to be a good day!  I really did enjoy working with these two right from the start and for more reasons than just Chris’s taste in headwear. These two were a super sweet and genuine couple which made capturing their affection for each other an easy task. I felt like I was getting a special opportunity to glimpse into the authentic love between them and almost every moment seemed to be perfect to photograph.


Samantha and Chris wanted to start their adventure off at South Congress Hotel which provided an opportunity for some fun and genuine moments. I loved capturing them at the bar enjoying a drink together. To me, this was a depiction of everyday love, something that can be easily overlooked, but I believe doesn’t get enough attention! And who can shoot at the South Congress Hotel without getting some eye catching shots outside in front of the iconic, tiled signage of the Central Standard Bar and Grill!?


From there we headed over to Laguna Gloria to get some undeniably epic and inspiring golden hour shots. I’d say capturing the absolute joy and excitement on Samantha and Chris’s faces as they popped open a bottle of champaign was one of the greatest highlights for me! I’m so happy and excited for these two and I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding this fall!