So You’re Postponing Your Wedding

Photo by Jorge Macias Photography

It’s hard to postpone your wedding and there are hundreds of different reasons people choose to postpone every week and each one is valid. As you finalize your decision, it’s okay to grieve your original wedding plan and feel a rollercoaster of emotions. Take time to care for yourself and grow through this with your partner. Once you’re both ready, you can begin to plan your new wedding date and work your way up to the joy and excitement your wedding day brings.


First, Contact Your Guests

Your first calls should be to your families and wedding parties. They’ve likely put a bit of planning into your big day and will want to know updates as they happen. They’ll also be able to emotionally support you and your partner and may even be willing to help you update other guests and get your new plans on track.


Next, Notify Your Vendors

The sooner you notify your vendors, the more flexible they can be scheduling your new date. Many vendors are waving rescheduling fees considering COVID-19, but be understanding if they do charge you for lost time or product that they have already put into your original date.

Be sure to review your current contracts and clarify each vendor’s policy. If you agree to any changes, be sure you get those in writing to keep everyone looped in and on the same page.


Now, Finalize Your New Date

Now, that you’ve made all of your calls, you can take a deep breath and choose your new wedding date. You and your partner should collect a few options before calling your venue to see what’s available. You may have a hard time finding 2020 weekend dates, so try to stay flexible and consider a weekday wedding or delaying until 2021.

Once you have a few open dates from your venue, give your vendors a call and try to find a date that works for everyone. The more vendors you keep, the better. Still, you may have to make a tough decision and cancel a few contracts. You likely won’t get your deposit back, so try to prepare your budget ahead of time so you can stay on track.

After many calls and calendar reviews, you and your partner finally have a new wedding date – congratulations! once your contracts are updated and new invites sent, you can enjoy the extra time to plan an amazing wedding day and honeymoon – you deserve it!

Zola | @zola