Special Bride/Groom Wedding Gifts For 2020

“Thank you, thank you… ” there are so many thank-you’s involved in a wedding.  Beforehand, when you’re working and organizing, it’s not the thing the bride and groom think about most. After all the details, the decorating, the food, the flowers, the clothing–these thank-you gifts are not first priority.

But on that day, it will be different.

On the day of your wedding, it will be so clear to you how thankful you are for these family and friends–their sacrifices for you, their presence on your day, even those little hugs that make the hard work of a wedding easier. And you will be so grateful that you planned those thank-you gifts ahead of time.

Let’s be honest–there’s a pretty good chance that in running around and doing all the other wedding stuff, it’s far easier to find things online.  It is also easier to buy things in little groups and personalize them, perhaps in colors or etched with their initials. 

It’s money and time saving to buy gifts in little groups.  Let’s start with mothers. Your mother and his mother–so much easier to get them basically the same thing (no favoritism here!!) There are a number of websites with beautiful gifts for moms at weddings.  

Mother of the Bride/Groom Bangles

Source | Etsy.com

These beautiful bangle bracelets are from Etsy and come in a variety of metals and sizes. They can also be personalized with not only text but symbol charms and gems. They are simple, elegant, well-suited for the conservative mother, who likes the idea of jewelry but is worried about anything being too much bling

A really nice touch is that they come in a sweet little box with a bow and is such a nice thank you gesture! Not only this, but this Etsy product has 8000 reviews and five stars! The personalization is small enough that the moms can wear it for years to come and remember their daughter and son’s special day.

Staying in the traditional theme, let’s look at something for Dad… after all, he might be grumbling about the bills and need a distraction...

Square Engravable Cufflinks

Source | cufflinksdepot.com

I can still remember playing with my father’s cufflinks as a child–he kept them in a bowl on his dresser. I would play with them in my fingers, like shiny toys, and he would carefully choose his favorite ones before dressing up.

Cufflinks are a traditional and special gift, and these silver square engravable cufflinks are one of about 50 options at this site, which not only specializes in their product but gives you a significant selection. They special-order a number of their cufflinks, and add an engraved initial for $8.

This site is great for one-stop shopping. They will box them up for you and even gift wrap them! Though you may not have realized it yet, time-saving efforts are definitely worth it in the wedding planning game! For all those special munchkins–the ring bearers, flower girls, junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, you are not out of luck! There are actually quite a few options.

Personalized Flower Girl [or Ring Bearer] Satin Robe With Pockets

Source | The Knot

So, I know that the knot advertises these robes as “flower girl” robes, but they are adorable for boys too! These satin robes are so affordable (under $30!) and are personalized, which kids love. They come in enough sizes that you can easily find something for any kid under 13.

You can get them in one of 9 beautiful bright colors. If you want to make a big deal about the gift being “not girly,” you can get pink-toned ones for the flower girl and blue robes for the ring bearer or junior groomsman. Either way, those children will wear them with pride–remembering that they too were important on your big day.

Personalized Groomsmen Leather Wallet & Switchblade Knife Set

Browse Groomsmen Gift Source

Do not forget your groomsmen! They may end up saving your life–making the speeches, acting as ushers in a pinch, keeping your groom focused–you’d be surprised at how much those guys end up doing.  They also end up getting forgotten. 

Get them gifts nice enough that you can get the same gift for best man and groomsmen and no one feels left out! This website has a lot of offers that are traditional and classy, like this wallet and switchblade. It has a very “rat pack” feel to it, and guys love nothing more than pulling out this super cool switchblade just to cut the tag off something!

Even the gift box will have his name on it–and it comes with a very elegant little drawstring bag that you can leave for each one of them. (Just remind them if they’re flying home–this has to go under the plane!)

Personalized Mirrored Keepsake Boxes

Source | ThingsRemembered.com

Let us not forget the ladies who will keep the bride calm on that crazy day! Last but not least, this is the one gift most brides do remember–especially after the showers, the bachelorette parties, the late-night calls and the last-minute emergencies. You might as well get something that is useful as well as beautiful. These sweet boxes in Tiffany blue are a great way to store jewelry or other important items on a dresser or nightstand.

They feature a mirror trim and a shiny glass exterior. Also nice is that the box provides enough room to engrave with more than a name–maybe a date or other sentiment. This way, in one shopping trip you can give a personal message to each woman who helped you prepare for this day in her own way. These boxes are also appropriate for junior bridesmaids or teens who need to be recognized too!

When I think back to my wedding it was like a whirlwind of checklists and budgets–a crazy time of trying to remember anything. There are those who stood by me through all of it, and I am glad I got the chance to thank them.

Save yourself some time and look online for a way to say, “I’m so grateful for you. . . “ without a last-minute trip to the closest store you can find!

Article written and provided by Vow To Be Chic | VowtoBeChic.com | @vowtobechic