Dreamy Wedding Day

Cleveland, Ohio



Photography | Amanda Goodin | @amandamgoodin

Venue | Calvin Center Hall

Extras | Unbox the Dress | @unboxthedress

The best wedding day mornings allow a few moments for the bride to reflect and contemplate the day ahead. In this joyful “calm before the storm” she can pause and process everything she’s feeling – from excitement and nerves to gratitude – and perhaps even longing for those who could not be present on that day.


How wonderful in these moment to be surrounded by her most cherished family and friends – and heirloom accessories created from the fabric, pearls and lace of the wedding gowns of women in her own family. To be wrapped in a satin robe made from Grandma’s simple, 1950s gown… To float around in the room in a veil made carefully curated lace of Mom’s 1980s classic ensemble. This is the experience for so many of our brides – and the experience that we set out to capture one slushy morning in January.


The results are images that we hope capture that light, love and serenity that often follow a bride on the morning of her special day. Moments before she makes the life-changing walk down the aisle!