Galia Lahav in Paris




Photography | Strotz Photography | @joystrotz

Gown Designer | Galia Lahav | @galialahav

Makeup Artist | Chatel Beauty | @serguei_chatel

Makeup Artist | Anna Jazelle Bridal Beauty | @annajazellebridalbeauty

From the Photographer

What could possibly be more dreamy than finding yourself as a photographer in Paris to create imagery of luxury gowns from the Spring 2020 Galia Lahav “Make a Scene” couture collection? It was a dream come true for me! At my beautiful hotel in Paris, which was right next to the Tuileries Gardens, I unboxed two magnificent gowns. If any wedding gowns were to steal the scene this season, they could easily be found in this extraordinary Galia Lahav Collection. As a photographer, it’s very unusual to have an opportunity to have time to look closely at the gowns prior to a photo session.


When I unboxed the Alexa couture piece, I was amazed by the sheer weight – not so heavy to be uncomfortable to wear, but definitely worthy of the deep layers of tulle which were finely cut in playful layers, which you can see in the images. The richly embroidered appliqués perfectly adorn the dress – the beading and fine details on the bodice, and it’s glorious shape, were literally mesmerizing to behold. Unboxing the Miranda dress was like opening a present full of jewels. Again, the weight was comfortably substantial. The clever stretch silk satin with sheer draped high neck, a corset with silk cap sleeves and very sheer cutouts perfectly draped in crystals. 3-D silver lace appliqués line the high cut side slit. Also included was the most perfect silk satin overskirt dripping with more sparkling appliqués and transforming a very elegant, yet sexy, column dress into a ball gown fit for a princess.

The design team at Galia Lahav created this collection out of their inspiration by the musical “Dreamgirls,” and what a star might go through backstage before stepping in front of the lights in their role. The woman all the while believing in her own voice and confidently seeing herself as the muse for the collection.


For the styled photo session I was graced with a super-talented team of Parisian make-up artists… Serguei Chatel and hair and make-up artist Anna Jazelle. I began capturing imagery of my two excited models just steps away from my hotel and next to the Louvre, in one of the endlessly fascinating colonnades, as well as a neighboring courtyard. Nearby, the stone arch of the Place du Carrousel, teaming with tourists and locals, was yet another picture perfect backdrop. We ended the day at the Trocadero and Eiffel Tower, of course.


Having photographed in Paris, would I love to make it one of my regular photo locations? YES! (I miss you Paris) Did I have a favorite gown? This would be an impossible decision to make as I absolutely adored them both. You may also wonder – since I slept in the same room as the gowns, did I actually try on any of the dresses? I honestly can’t think of any good reason why I did not try on the dresses or how I didn’t even think to just hold one up below my face to dream a little… but sadly, I did not. Let’s say that officially trying on a Galia Lahav dress is now officially on my bucket list! Watch out Galia Lahav House of Couture – I’m coming back for more!