Grand Rapids Market

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Photography | Leidy and Josh Photography | @leidyandjoshphotography

Location | Downtown Market

Floral Designer | Fleurology Designs | @fleurologydesigns

Makeup Artist | Beauty by KVB | @beautybykvb

How did you two meet?

Adam and I first met at a party, which has a pretty great story behind it. It was my Grandmothers birthday and I was up north (Higgins lake) celebrating with one of my cousins who happened to live in Grand Rapids at the time. After the party, she talked me into following her back down to Grand Rapids to attend this party her friend was throwing. I had drove about an hour away and started to get the feeling that I shouldn’t have left, that I should go back and spend the night with my grandmother, father and my uncle who had flew in from out of town. I called my father and he told me to go and have fun and that he was heading out soon instead of staying the night anyways. So, I continued my drive down and ended up at this party.


Adams friend happened to be the one co-hosting the party, so that’s why he happened to be there. Adam on the other hand had no desire into going to this party and had been dodging texts and calls about it because he simply didn’t want to go. Well his friend, called him and he finally answered, and he told Adam to get ready, that he’s picking him up in a few and they are going. We both had ended up at this party, after both of us feeling like we shouldn’t or that we didn’t want to show up. Thankfully we did, because that’s when I met my future husband and that’s when he met his future wife. Half way through the night he came over and sought me out to talk, we stayed up talking late into the night. One of my favorite nights.


How did he pop the question?

I drove down to see him for a weekend, we were at his parents’ house getting ready for what I thought was supposed to be a birthday dinner party for a family member. Adam and I ran to the store to pick up some extra stuff for the party and one of his friends came with us. What I didn’t know at the time was that they were stalling me. Finally, after some time at the grocery store, we left and got back to the house. Adam came over and opened my car door for me, as he always does. Right when I get out of the car, the house door opened and Adam’s whole family, including brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncles all came walking out of the house, each holding a different sheet of poster board with a letter on it. By the time they were all out of the house it read “Devon please marry Adam” I couldn’t believe it!! I was so shocked and so excited, I turned around and Adam was down on one knee holding out my engagement ring, speaking the sweetest words. His friend that came with us, was standing by the car and got the whole thing on video. It was one of the best moments of my life and I love that everyone got to be included in it. He didn’t want to take me somewhere because he knew that I would be suspicious, so he planned it out just enough to where I had absolutely no clue and it was a total surprise!


What’s the best thing that has changed since you have been married?

The best thing that has changed between the two of us would be how much deeper of a connection we have. Being able to see each other every day is wonderful. We understand each other on a deeper level. Even after being married you can’t stop making your husband or wife feel like they are everything to you and we try to make sure we show each other that every day.

When and where was your wedding? What was your wedding day like?

Our wedding happened on July 14th, 2018. At the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy in Bath, MI. Our wedding day was perfect. We had our rehearsal dinner the night prior at our hotel where we all slipped into pajamas and catered in food. Our whole wedding party stayed at the hotel along with our parents. Getting up the morning of, me and my bridesmaids were the first to go to our venue to start getting ready and to help set up. I had to be there first, so I could help set up the tables because I was so excited to see it all come to life. Once Adam got to the venue, it was finally my time to run upstairs, out of sight to finally start getting ready.


The day started rushing by, we decided to not do a first look because we wanted the first time we saw each other was with me walking down the aisle. Right before guests started arriving and after we had photos finished of our bridal parties, it started to rain. Thankfully we had the best Master and Mistress we could have asked for. They were on top of everything and were bound determined to make our day the best day ever. But not to get side tracked, it started to rain, and the DJ showed up to start setting up at the ceremony site which happened to be outside. He said that he was not going to set up with it raining, so we were scared we would have to push back the ceremony or do it inside. Well, 5 minutes before everyone started showing up, the rain cleared, and the sun came out. The weather turned out in a snap and was beautiful. Our wedding reception was on a back deck that over looked a lake, and all the water lilies even ended up blooming the day of, making it that much more special.


The ceremony was dreamy and seeing my husband to be at the end of the aisle was one of the best feelings I have ever felt and will always cherish. Walking back up that aisle as husband and wife was amazing. From there, we had our photos taken, and our reception began. Where our friends spoke some of the best speeches I have heard that had people crying and laughing all at once. The rest of the night went by fast. Being surrounded by all our family and friends was magical and all the love in the room was strongly felt.


Best day of my life.


How is your relationship together unique?

Our relationship is unique because our relationship started out with the both of us living two hours apart. We commuted to each other every weekend. We didn’t actually live together until we got married. We closed on our first house together the week before our wedding, and the day after our wedding was the first night we got to live together. We kind of played it old school. We are also two people of the younger generation (me being 23 and Adam being 26) that truly understand marriage. We went into our relationship together knowing that it’s just us and nobody else. That we are only getting married once and that it’s for better or for worse and that we will not give up on each other. Marriage is work and we understand that, we are prepared to overcome anything that gets thrown at us. You don’t see that too often anymore.


What is your favorite memory together?

There are so many memories that come to mind when asked this question. Our engagement and our wedding are the top of the list. But there is one other time that I will tell instead. I love concerts, especially the full weekend opens where you get to go and camp. I went to a concert called Faster Horses which was the summer after we met. It was probably 5 months after we met and 3 months after we started dating. I had this weekend concert trip planned out with one of my best friends and our group that I would always go with. I knew Adam was a little nervous of me going since we had just gotten together. To ease his nerves and since I wanted him to come with me so badly, once I got down there, I bought him his own ticket and told him to come! He drove down the next morning and spent the weekend with me. It was a weekend full of good music, good food, beautiful weather, great drinks, and even better friends. It was a carefree weekend. That was when we knew we would be together for the long run. That weekend I knew he was the one for me. It was such a great time, and it solidified how we felt about each other. Later on, he told me that over the course of that weekend was when he fell in love with me.


What’s one thing that drew you to your significant other?

Adam’s presence drew me to him. When I saw him, he was deliciously handsome. But the way he carried himself and the confidence he showed was something that I admired and was so attracted too, and still am.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I am so excited that we get to throw on our wedding attire again! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!