From the Event Planner

This elopement shoot was curated to showcase a simple, yet elegant couple, running off in their classic car to elope. The inspiration behind the shoot was the epitome of sexy and cool himself: Steve McQueen. Since McQueen was a car racer in the ’60s and ’70s, it was only befitting to include a fancy getaway car into the shoot! The 60s was also well-known to have many actresses embracing a more effortless kind of sexy. Behind the bride’s look, we used actress/singer Cher to guide our final look including the parted, straight hair and deep, v-neck cut gown. This look is meant to inspire the couple who wish to exude a bit of sexy that comes both effortlessly but still remains chic.


This vintage theme just focuses mainly on the couple, car, and flowers. Featuring two different flower looks; one for the fall and one for winter. Both colors blend well with the outdoor landscape where trees line the driveway, and fall foliage are peeking through. You’ll see the different sun setting throughout the pictures. This a minimalistic style elopement that radiates a cool, sexy, and vintage vibe.