Modern Editorial

Woodstock, Georgia



Photography | Oak & Pine Photography | @oakandpine_photography

Venue | Venue 92 | @venue92

Floral Designer | Devae’s Divine Designs | @adivinedesigner

Event Designer | Camellia Vines |

Makeup Artist | Ray Beauty | @raybeauty

Specialty Foods | Haylan Events | @haylan_events

Model | Jana Manning

Model | Christian Wright

From the Photographer

Christian and Jana were a stunning bride and groom that showcased a semi elegant wedding. Jana’s dress was white with the perfect touch of detail and Tulle. The color scheme of blush, neutral white and forest green compliment well together to show case a bright-airy wedding scene. Venue 92 is an industrial southern venue that is perfect for an intimate wedding or extravagant concept. The outdoor space of the venue is picturesque and nestled with greenery. The perfect wedding color scheme to show off to brides of 2020.