Musically Themed

Waco, Texas



Photography | Brianna Joy Photography | @briannajoyphoto

Photography (Second Shooter) | Weddings by Miss Araebia | @weddingsbymap

Venue | The Carleen Bright Arboretum

Gown Salon | Dressily Me

Beauty | BoldGlamBabe

Beauty | Beauty by DeLain

Bakery | HEB Bakery | @heb

She took a deep breath while in her getting ready room. Blasting and singing praise music. Surrounded by her family and the hair and make up team. She prepared herself to see her groom in wedding attire, again. Though this was not her wedding day, I could tell she was getting nervous. Her stomach full of butterflies, the closer we got to her being able to see her man for a first look. He paced the open space where I was doing detail shots. Asking how things were going. Explaining his details and their importance. Knowing he couldn’t speak to his bride yet. I could tell he was anticipating this day. The moment of seeing her in a wedding gown again. The anticipation was killing him, and he was doing all he could to keep himself distracted.


Seeing the love without them even being together yet is so sweet to me. That’s the kind of love I want. Pure. Exciting. Sweet. Tangible and visible to others. A deep friendship and connection and respect of one another. And that is what this sweet couple has. I loved being able to be a part of their love story and being able to capture their memories. Their story. Their legacy.

Ya’ll, when they were about to see each other dressed up again for they first time, the butterflies were palpable. When Ben turned around, his delight was completely apparent. You could see that he was moved. Just by seeing her. I allowed them some time to just enjoy being together and soak each other in. Then they began to slow dance! They began singing softly to each other. I couldn’t make out the words, but it was a sweet and tender moment. They were both filled with deep adoration and joy. That is what I love capturing! The real moments that are easily forgotten through the fast pace of life. His eyes filling with tears when he saw her. Her excitement of just being able to be in his arms in that very raw moment. Knowing she was in her absolute favorite place to be.


This adorable couple has been married for 9 years. Their girls are beautiful. The way they look at each other still is like something straight out of a hallmark movie. But I also know that love like that takes work. It comes from faith in an Almighty God. It takes humbling yourself to serve the other one even when you don’t feel like it or they have wounded you. It comes from knowing that your spouse is not the problem and not making the problem personal.


This couple is gorgeous and sweet and talented. I am so honored that I got to be able to capture their moments, precious memories, and be a part of their story. Please enjoy these pictures of their special day, and enjoy seeing the love and joy in their eyes as they look at one another throughout this day! And join me in congratulating them on 9 years of marriage!