Styled Shoot

Louisville, Kentucky



Photographer | We Choose the Moon Photography | @wctmphotography

Venue | Private Residence

Floral Designer | Sticks & Stems

Dress | Unique Vintage | @uniquevintage

Dress | Forever 21 | @forever21

I’d like to consider myself as someone who advocates for the offbeat bride. Beautiful, long white dresses and princess-like updos are wonderful but not for everyone. I decided to do this small styled shoot to hoist a flag for those non-traditional brides and to show not every bride has to be the embodiment of Kelly Grace. Being true to oneself is far more beautiful.


I turned to my gorgeous friend Rachel to model as the bride. Her natural light complexion and dark hair I thought was a perfect fit for this romantic gothic, old Hollywood vibe. I picked a dress that does have some white, but it wasn’t the overwhelmingly predominate color. I also wanted something short to show off the fact they too can be just as elegant as something long and floor length.
For my “bride’s” maid of honor, I asked my beautiful friend Brittani to model. She too has a naturally light complexion but a lighter hair color I though would compliment Rachel’s dark hair well. I picked, again, a short dress. To keep with the romantic, gothic feel more over the Hollywood vibe, I decided on a black dress. However, I knew I would have some red roses in the bouquets and to bring that color into the outfits, I found a black dress with, literally, splatters of red on it. With such a bold color such as red, I also did a bold red lipstick on both the bride and maid of honor and some bold jewelry; a black choker for the maid of honor and a bedazzling ear crawler for the bride.


The “venue” is an historical neighborhood of Louisville, KY; St. James Court & Belgravia Court. Filled to the brim with Victoria era buildings, homes and a bronze fountain.