No words can truly describe how beautiful these photos are. We could say they’re gorgeous… breathtaking… stunning… and while all of these adjectives are true, it’s more than that. So, instead of us trying to describe how much we love this shoot, we’ll just let you take a look for yourself and come up with your own adjectives 😉


About The Venue

Mont du Soleil is ideally suited for a number of different events. It’s an extremely popular location for fashion shoots, pre-wedding photography as well as ceremony-only weddings. Because of the stunning views and ideal settings, it has also been featured in many well-known magazines and websites as well as used for movies.


Spacious Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Mont du Soleil features a truly unique architecture and ambience. Sitting on top of a sunny north facing hill – with panoramic views of the Yarra Valley and Warburton ranges, this is truly one of the most beautiful locations in all the world. The ground floor of the main house comprises of spacious rooms with the outside area surrounding the house, featuring large terraces and access to 40 acres of farmland.