Styled Shoot

San Juan Capistrano, California



Photographer | Christine Bradshaw Photography  | @christinebradshawphotography

Venue | Ronald W Caspers Wilderness Park

Floral Designer | Florally Ever After | @originaletm

Makeup Artist | Tamara TaylorArtistry | @tamarataylorartistry

Veils and Headpieces | Icing | @icingstores

If this isn’t the most adorable story ever…


This photoshoot was made around the dress. Christine (the photographer) bought a dress she found from a bride that sadly didn’t end up wearing it on her wedding day. Finding someone to fit this dress was liking finding a match to Cinderella’s glass slipper! After weeks of searching, Christine finally found Briana! When she asked Briana and her boyfriend Cole to do the photoshoot, there was no hesitation when Briana said yes!


Briana’s mother, Kari, and Cole’s mother, Nori, have been best friends since their childhood who just happened to have kids around the same time. They both swore that Briana and Cole would end up together, but it didn’t end up happening until nineteen years later, The two mothers couldn’t be happier! Was it fate?? We think so!


In the 8+ years that Christine has been doing photography, she has never seen a couple laugh as much as Briana and Cole. And she caught every little bit of it on camera! They even made Christine laugh so hard that she was crying. We hope every photographer experiences a couple like them at least once in their career. We can’t wait to see more of Briana and Cole!