Springtime Lullaby

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Photography | Megan Breukelman Photography | @meganbreukelman

Photography (Second Shooter) | Kenneth Gronquist | @kennethsterling

Venue | Mint Room Studios | @mintroomstudios

Gown Designer | Jordan De Ruiter | @jordanderuiter

Hair and Makeup | Michelle Silverstein Makeup | @michsilvmakeup

Stylist | Thea Acierno | @xohthea

Model | Maya with Peggi LePage | @peggilepage_models

Model | Paeton with Peggi LePage | @peggilepage_models

Two days before this shoot, photographers Megan Breukelman & Kenneth Sterling Gronquist tied the knot on February 24, 2019. They decided to kick off their marriage the best way they know how –– working together, on set. They shot this styled shoot with the vision of growth and change, trying to visualize with the styling, how flowers and brightness can come from the darkest, coldest season. The styling is bohemian within an industrial setting.