Styled Shoot

San Diego, California



Photographer | V&E Photography | @vandephotography1


I am a huge sucker for creating powerful human connections between people. As a counselor and an artist, I thrive on raw human emotion so I wanted to challenge myself to see if I was able to portray that in its foundation. It is my motto in my art to be able to capture raw moments in human relationships. Therefore, I asked two strangers (I have been planning this for months) to come together and without kissing or knowing each other if I could help them create a human connection. These two didn’t know each other and once they get over the pleasantries they realized they had both gone through similar breakups. I simply told them “look at each other like you wish your ex had looked at you”


This is the magic that was created by two perfectly amazing strangers.


sorry just had to say it one more time…STRANGERS YOU GUYS!