Photography | Claudio Fasci Photographer | @claudio.fasci

Venue | Realis la Corte dei Papi | @realislacortedeipapi

Event Planner | Dream On Wedding Planner | @dreamon_wedding

Floral Designer | Cristina Faluomi Fiorista | @cristinaflowers_official

Makeup Artist | Lucia Zarro | @lucia_zarro_mua

From the Event Planner

Following a long period of forced closure due to the lockdown, we felt it was time to get our thoughts together, to get out and celebrate beauty and return to normal life and the job we love doing. What better idea than organizing a photo shoot with a group of fantastic wedding professionals!


We chose the beautiful town of Cortona in Tuscany for the setting: a rural town perched among the green hills and where the magnificent Corte dei Papi Resort is pleasantly situated; an exclusive and highly prestigious location. The set-up was conceived with the idea of creating something that could integrate with the existing design of the ballroom in the Villa: opulent and full of gold-colored details; we aimed at maintaining a certain freshness, lightness and grace.

We wanted the visual impact to be refined and precious but without being opulent, overpowering and heavy. We designed and built the gilded iron structures that act as candlesticks, centerpieces and cake-stands at the same time and we worked on the geometry of the space and volumes trying to obtain an elegant and balanced result. The use of color in a monochromatic key has helped us in this: greys and whites catalyze the attention on the gold and metal reflections of the details of the set-up.


Our floral design did the rest thanks to wonderful compositions that perfectly complement our “gilded cages”. The compositions are natural, apparently broken up but with a great overall balance: the opal details are given by the Honesty (Lunaria annua), a flower that I love very much at the moment and other wildflowers. To embellish the table and accessories with opalescent white elements, we involved an exceptionally skilled local artist who produces sculptures and jewelry in very fine porcelain. All the bride’s accessories (necklace, earrings, ring) are inspired by the organic forms of nature and produced in white porcelain. The vibrant and luminous photography romantically combines all of these aspects together in a poetic atmosphere surrounded by the Tuscan sunset!