When Love Moves You




Photography | Phillip Van Nostrand | @phillipvnweddings

Event Planner and Designer | José Rolón Events | @joserolonevents

Venue | Location 05 | @location05

Floral Designer | highgloss | @highglossnyc

Gown | Loulette Bride | @loulettebride

Hair and Makeup| Facetime Beauty | @facetimebeauty

Desserts | One Girl Cookies | @onegirlcookies

Caterer | Pinch Food Design | @pinchfooddesign

Draping and Lighting | Shades of Grey Productions | @shadesofgreyproductions

Linens | BAYITH | @thebayith

Pressed Flowers | Framed Florals | @framedflorals

Rentals | Rent Patina | @rentpatina

Rentals | High Style Rentals | @highstylerentals

Rentals | Broadway Party Rentals | @broadwaypartyrentals

Entertainment | Sarina the Violin Diva | @theviolindiva

Cinematography | Virten Media | @jusayvibe

Models | Stefanie Roper and Izzy Arrieta

From the Photographer


Finding the right videographer to execute this concept was far more challenging than I had originally expected. The vision I had, unbeknownst to me required a particular skillset. I searched and connected with so many wedding videographers, but none I spoke with specialized in tracking. So it wasn’t about only collaborating with someone who’s work I admire and am inspired by it was about collaborating with someone who was a good fit for the role and the request. So I looked outside of the wedding industry and found someone with a more cinematic commercial background. That’s where i was so happy the search took as long as it did because the result of this collaboration with Virten Media was everything I envisioned and more. Finding the right duo to represent a genuine couple and be able to portray that authentically was another task. Seeing that the concept was about fluidity and the vision I had for this continuous footage made it very clear that dancers were the best to cast for this role. Dancers know motion and emotional control and convey so much.

Vendor Choices

The team that collaborated and participated to execute this shoot was absolutely vital to the success of it. It had to be creatives and professionals that push the boundaries and embrace nontraditional direction. Pinch Food and Design was the only caterer who could so brilliantly balance the concept of fluidity and movement without how they approach food and food presentation and experience. High Gloss caught my eye as I was internally crafting this concept and finally feeling inspired enough to execute it for the industry to experience it. Their work always has so much texture and movement and I knew they were the perfect team to help me visualize the decor that would enhance and support the concept. Working with Philip was a nonnegotiable. He has this innate ability of capturing emotion with movement and there was no one else that could do this vision justice. (Videographer name here) was essential to the success of this collaboration. He had the important job of not only conveying the concept to everyone but also of capturing every vendor’s contribution that supported the overall theme. The missing link was something to tie the whole thing together that set this apart were the dancers. Initially meant to be a walkthrough or stroll, it hit me having a couple dance was what we needed. With my brand it made sense. I have a dance background and as a result all of my couples get three 1 and half hour dance lessons for their first dance with Juilliard trained, Ranardo Grays. So why not have him choreograph a couple in his own company to make this perfect.



I was inspired to showcase something completely different than what I’ve executed in the past and what I’ve seen in the wedding industry. One thing I have always been obsessed with are moments in movies and commercials where it tracks characters moving through a scene whether through dialogue or dance without a single edit. Just recently, one of my friends mimicked the scene from Goodfellas as their Save The Date. I’ve wanted to introduce this to the wedding industry. The concept of fluidity and motion and how it relates to how couples and guests experience events in addition to the harmony that exists when it’s the right team of vendors and a positive collaboration to execute all the elements that flow into one another. I was determined to display the concept of fluidity in motion throughout every element. Almost like what we call in the industry a first reveal but through the eyes of the couple. From walking into the welcome area with a violinist to taking a moment at the flower corner to take a picture, from walking down the aisle as as an arrangement suspends in mid area to revealing the dinner setup, and so on. For example, with a glass table it may feel like such a minor detail but it’s one that represents the ability to see movement and motion in its transparency, the food, not only in it it’s presentation, atop structures that are suspended or showcasing movement but also in how it would be experienced at the event, with servers moving throughout the space, and of course the video which is a specific type of video called “tracking with a gimbal” which is a continuous coverage without the appearance of any edit.