Whimsical Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Photography | Leidy and Josh Photography | @leidyandjoshphotography

Location | Hart-Dole Inouye Federal Center | @usgsa

How did you meet?

We met during the summer when my mom moved into a townhouse complex that was two doors down from him and his family. I was 16 and I was always outside hanging out with my friends. He would try and start a conversation with me from his kitchen window (without coming outside) and I just thought he was the weirdest guy. Later in the week, my friend and I decided to set up a tent in the backyard space and go “camping”. He heard us talking about our crazy idea and decided he wanted to help. So we all took a trip to the store and bought all the camping essentials including marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. When we got back, we brought a grill over to our tent to roast our marshmallows over and then finished off the night reading scary stores in the tent.


How did he pop the question?

We had planned a trip for spring break to Gatlinburg TN. We were both going to college full time, so we were both so so excited to go and get away for a little while. Well, the week before we left for our trip we got in a pretty bad car accident and totaled our car on the way to school. The plan was to just use our car to go down there, so now we would have to get a rental car to go down, while also trying to get a new car for when we got back. I was devastated. While we were standing on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck, I told him that we should just cancel the trip. He was acting so weird waiting for that tow truck, I knew something was up. Pretty nonchalantly, while we were waiting, he said “Well, I don’t think it would make this situation any better, but I was planning on proposing on our trip.” Well gosh! Very quickly, I decided we had to go, cause I was going to get that ring.


Fast forward a week, and we were in Gatlinburg, TN. We stayed in an amazing cabin up in the mountains and had such a relaxing trip with our whole car situation behind us. Since I had known about the proposal, I planned a photo shoot for the last day we were there to do some engagement photos. He took that opportunity to wait until the evening before the last day to propose. We went up in an aerial tram a little bit before sunset, and at the top there’s an alpine coaster that you can ride and see some amazing views. We decided that was definitely something we had to do. It was so fun! At the end of it we were walking back and I noticed he was trailing behind a little. So I turned around to see what the heck was taking him so long and he was down on one knee. Before he could even get a word out I said “YES!”. To this day, I don’t even think he really asked me. We took the tram back down and saw the sun set over the mountains as we relished in the first few moments of being engaged.


What’s the best thing that has changed since you have been married?

I love having a new last name. It’s so exciting when we’re at an appointment and someone calls us the Ploughman’s.


When and where was your wedding? What was your wedding day like?

We got married at our Church, Tribes in Rockford, MI and then the reception was down the street at a beautiful golf course called Boulder Creek. It was such a fun day! It was raining at the beginning of the day, but by our ceremony it was overcast and on its way to being beautiful. Then by the end of the day it was completely clear so we had a breath taking sunset to wrap up our fun. I loved our wedding day, because we were able to finally see all the bits and pieces to our hard work come together. The day of there isn’t much to stress about, cause whatever is going to happen will happen. We just tried to roll with the changes and we had so much fun doing that.


How is your relationship together unique?

I think our relationship is unique because we really are best friends. We talk to each other about everything and anything and we are so terrible at keeping secrets from each other because we truly tell each other everything. Gift giving seems to be the hardest because we are just so excited for them to know what they got, we rarely can wait for them to actually open it.


What is your favorite memory together?

Oh gosh that is such a hard one! There are so many! We got married on our 5 year anniversary, so it’s almost been 6 years of being together. I really loved our honeymoon. We flew to San Francisco and did a road trip all over and ended in Las Vegas. I loved that time we got to spend together doing something we both had never done before, and all the memories we made along the way. We have so many spots we want to go back to now, so I think more memories will be made in those places.


What’s one thing that drew you to your significant other?

At first it was his sense of humor. He could always get me to laugh even when I really wasn’t in the mood to laugh. But then it was that he truly loved me for who I was, and all the little flaws I possess. I have a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, and for the longest time I would just hide it. The dermatologist told me it was the worst he had ever seen, and that there was nothing he could do for me. His statement stuck with me, and I was always nervous about getting close to someone and then have them find out about my skin.


Early on in our friendship he brushed my arm and asked me what made my skin like that. I instantly tried to change the subject and thought how silly it was for me to wear a t-shirt outside instead of a long sleeve. How silly to show my skin. Then he told me he liked it, and that it made me who I am and that it was beautiful. Fast forward a little over 5 years, and I wore a strapless dress to our wedding because I truly felt beautiful.