Summer Vine in Santorini

Santorini, Greece



Photography | Andreas Markakis Photography | @andreas_markakis

Photography | Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography | @sotiris_tsakanikas

Venue | Pyrgos | @pyrgos_restaurant

Venue | Saint Antonio Vineyard | @saintantoniosantorini

Event Planner | Divine Weddings | @divineweddingssantorini

Gown Designer | Atelier Zolotas | @atelierzolotas

Men’s Attire | Ezzo Exclusive | @ezzoexclusive

Cinematography | Jim Grillas Films | @jimgrillasfilms

Models | Maria and Santiago

If one has a dream of Greece, then the island of Santorini -suspended like some Grecian Xanadu above the sea-drowned caldera, with its pearly towns spilling like icy cornices down the terraced rock – must be it. In Santorini the flora seems somehow at its most vibrant, the sea mist at its headiest, the waters darkened with shades of pumice, and the sky the most shifting palette of pinks than anywhere else in the world.


Legend even has it that clouds take after the colors of the ripening grapes in the island’s vineyards, the world’s oldest. Everything about the place is superlative, even its inherent architectural minimalism. With aesthetic triggers as ample, one can only venture deeper when creating a wedding inspiration, hence our thought to bring as many of the island’s trademarks together in this shoot. The “koulara” method of growing vines – weaving them into continuous circles that form a basket of protection from the strong winds and harsh summer sun – had us think of the cycles in a couple’s life, and that is how the circular shape of our inspiration was born. Each element of this “wreath-like” celebration, set on the Saint Antonio Vineyard, comes from the heart of its culture.


We themed and toned a romantic stationery suite in the hues of the island, the waters, the roseate tones of the crepuscule, the grape varieties, adding dashes of brights and bolds just like Santorini bursts in the mornings, which was styled with a little dash of elegance from Joy Proctor’s Layout collection. We employed original oak winery barrels transformed into a rustic bar and laid local sweets and native gastronomy over the food station. The crochet work frame behind our candy pie-display and on the tables by Weddings Whimsy is an excellent example of Santorini’s folk art, while the old millstone meets modern design table served as our cake stand. As our cake master, Petran Art suggested, the naked cake is a trend that’s clearly here to stay, as many island wedded couples and their bakers are forgoing an outer layer of icing in favor of an unfrosted confection that looks just as good as it tastes.


The dinner table was set under the pergola with lush blooms and greenery from Betty Flowers Santorini: roses, amaranthus, david austins, king proteas, eucalyptus, cymbidium orchids, veronicas and dahlias added volume to the reception dinner and popped against the overall setting. Mariana and Renia worked seamlessly on a Grecian goddess peachy look for our bride whose dress came from Atelier Zolotas’ newest collection. For the groom, we wished to skip the blues and pebble hues that we meet in most weddings. Ezzo Exclusive dressed him in a light-brick, checked wool-linen suit-jacket and whites, keeping things fresh and in tune with our entire palette.