The 5 Best Travel Tools That Will Change Your Perspective of Traveling

There was a time when travel was all about roughing it! You know, getting out there with nothing but your backpack, boots, a bottle of water and the will to survive in the great outdoors. While there are adventures that call for this kind of grit, travel nowadays has become more of a sophisticated undertaking, riddled with cutting edge technology and gadgets. There are some excellent tools out there that go towards making travel both fun and easy for the modern traveler. That being said, here are some travel tools that will completely change your perspective of traveling.

Online Research and Bookings (Computers)

In the past, and even still today (for those who like to have the “human” experience) you had to actually walk into an office and speak to someone to see what kind of all-inclusive vacation packages you could get, at what price and at what time. This process took time and quite a bit of patience.

That is no longer the case. Today, you can simply use your computer, phone or laptop to log into websites such as Expedia and plan your own trip. You can:

  • Book hotels.
  • Book tours.
  • Book your plane tickets.

Heck, on some websites you can even have a virtual tour of your preferred destination before you get there just to get your excitement energy flowing. This has made things so much easier and practically brought far-flung destinations into your living room. More importantly, however, is that it has brought great awareness. There are places that you can explore now that you may not have even heard of before computers and the internet came into play.

Easy and Convenient Packing (Foldable Duffle Bags)

Most people don’t like traveling with suitcases. They are bulky, weigh too much and will cost you money on almost every airline. It’s these little things that tend to deter travel. There are, however, alternatives to bulky suitcases. Nowadays, we have foldable duffle bags.

These are cheap, versatile travel bags that can fold and unfold into smaller or larger bags that can accommodate all those wonderful souvenirs you buy on your travels. The best part is that they aren’t so bulky. In fact, when you are not using them to carry your souvenirs and travel clothes, you can fold them into a five-inch pouch. Talk about convenience.

Portable Wi-Fi and Power Bank (Skyroam Solis)

Okay, fine, admittedly you are supposed to unplug when you go traveling. However, some people actually travel for work. What about all those travel blogs with websites that we love to follow so much? These people need a way to record, upload and share their content while on the road, right?

The problem with that is that almost every country has a different type of internet connectivity with varying speeds, reliability and charges. There are also foreign sim cards to contend with at any given time and varying charging ports (socket types). All this can be a little messy and frustrating. Unless you have your own portable Wi-Fi and power bank.

With the Skyroam Solis you can get 4G LTE service in over 130 countries. It’s much more than just the internet though. The device is a portable power bank as well which means that it can act as a charger for your favorite devices (phone, tablet, camera etc.).

Uninterrupted Cellphone Connectivity (goTenna Mesh)

The more you travel, the more you realize that urban settings just can’t compare with the wild outdoors. You will most likely want to go further and further off-grid to experience authentic and memorable moments among indigenous people from around the world. The problem with that is that there is no cellphone coverage. How do you call out for help should you need it? How do you know where to go if you can’t use Google Maps (there is an old-fashioned way to do this using actual maps but that’s a disagreement for another day)?

goTenna Mesh is an innovative device that allows you to communicate using your Android or iOS device even when you have no cellphone coverage. This tiny device uses Bluetooth-LE to pair smartphones allowing you to share information with other devices within a range of 4 miles.

Luxury Camping (Tree Tents)

Are you one of those people who keeps saying that you would love to go camping, but just don’t want to deal with the creepy crawlies? If so, then you will love these new tree tents that allow you to sleep off the ground away from those creepy crawlies. The Tentsile Connect Tree Tent is a wonderful innovation that allows you to elevate your sleeping quarters when you are out in the wild outdoors. It’s like a hammock but with the security of a tent. So, no more excuses.

These gadgets and devices are all designed to make your travel life that much more fun and comfortable. Using any one of them will change your perspective of traveling forever. To get the most out of your experience, however, it’s often best to combine a few based on the kind of travel that you intend to do at that particular time.

Article provided by Sandals Resorts | @sandalsresorts