Founder and CEO of Plum Pretty Sugar, Talks Robes, Life and Business

What started as a bathrobe adorned in floral print, has become a multi-million-dollar business for founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale, of Plum Pretty Sugar. Charlotte, mom-of-three, launched Plum Pretty Sugar in 2009 and now celebrates her 10-year anniversary as the originator and pioneer of the Instagrammable bridal party bathrobes. In the decade since they’ve launched, Plum Pretty Sugar has opened a flagship store, entered into top-selling retail partnerships with Nordstrom and BHLDN, and expanded into full women’s apparel including dresses, rompers, full pajama sets and more. Celebrities also love PPS robes, Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Cartwright and former Bachelorette stars Jillian Harris and Ali Fedotowsky, have all posted wearing their signature print robes.


We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Charlotte to chat about business, life and being an entrepreneur in today’s world. Make sure you read all the way through to the end as we have an important announcement regarding how you can win robes for your bridal party!


We applaud women owned/women ran businesses (it makes sense since we are one 😉) and we love to support those businesses in whatever realm that might be. Let’s start by finding out more about how this company was born. The products are so adorable (and comfy… I have the Knee length Kimono Robe Spell myself and I LOVE it)… where did you come up with the idea for these?

When I created Plum Pretty Sugar a decade ago it was originally concepted as a lifestyle brand that focused on sleepwear, home décor, and eventually apparel. At the time bridal ‘getting ready’ didn’t exist… there weren’t any bridesmaid robes, bridesmaid pajamas and bridal robes. In my brand-building, I sought to create new product categories wherein women would wear robes. I dug in and came out with a new idea: robes for brides the morning of their wedding and robes for bridesmaids.


I knew I could create a new usage while also expanding the wedding festivities into a morning prep period. I believed I could create and maximize opportunities for friendship, family, and bonding that would be well-received by brides. And so started what is now the bridal getting ready category within the wedding industry.


We want to know more about you, the woman behind the brand. What is your background? What is your story?

I founded Plum Pretty Sugar a decade ago taking inspiration from a West Coast backdrop of easy living chic. I am the CEO and am involved in the business at every level. I live in Southern California (by way of the UK) with my husband and two children (Richard, age 6 and Delphine, age 3). At home, I live in PJ pants and a white Tee and my favorite moments are cuddled up on the master bed with my family.

I love a good brainstorm moment and find distinct pleasure in re-thinking overdrawn, played-out product narratives.  I have several advanced degrees in Business, Communication and separately, a degree in Fashion and am experienced entrepreneur in both luxury beauty and consumer product industries having both founded and developed several companies and brands prior to Plum Pretty Sugar. In addition, I have held several positions in Marketing for consumer product companies including Kraft Foods and Balance Bar prior to becoming an entrepreneur.  I am committed to two causes; anti-domestic violence and environmental sustainability. These purposes purpose align closely with my personal story.


I see that you are celebrating your ten-year anniversary this year… CONGRATULATIONS! What makes your products and company stand out from your competition? What has made Plum Pretty Sugar the success it is today?

Thank you! It’s not always easy. I’m committed to the grain thinking while maintaining a consistent brand identity. I follow my own path, the brand path, not someone else’s. But honestly, its hard work, a great team, listening to your gut and being thoughtful, strategic and kind.


Where do you see yourself in ten years? Where do you see Plum Pretty Sugar in ten years?

Great question! Today, the brand is so different than when it started. We’re far more than bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid pajamas offering our unique style as bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses and maternity pajamas… and tons more. I can imagine the next 10 years will be varied in the same way. We certainly have some new goals and new opportunities that we’re very excited about. You’ll see them this year and into 2020.


Who is the Plum Pretty Sugar customer?

Our Plum Pretty Sugar client is feminine with an effortless style. She’s smart, she’s fun and she cares about others and her environment. You’d want to be her friend.

It looks like you’ve held various corporate positions over the years, like Marketing for Kraft Foods… now, being a successful business owner, what is the best thing about being an Entrepreneur?

There is a huge joy in being an entrepreneur. Seeing something you created not just come to life but exist and celebrate others is completely exciting. It’s also remarkable to create jobs and services and watch a team grow and develop. I could never again do anything else.


What makes a successful Entrepreneur? Characteristics? Mindset?

I love this question… and it’s hard to answer as I think it’s different for every entrepreneur and what they seek as their end goal. For me it’s about an inherent inner drive and a belief backed up by resourcefulness and strategic and long-term vision and thinking.




Now, you know more about the brand and the story behind Charlotte. If you love Plum Pretty Sugar as much as I do (I have many PPS robes), you’ll want to check out our Instagram page to learn how you can win PPS robes for you and your bridal party. @TacariWeddings