Velour Premiere Events

To deliver exceptional service and event execution to all clients while maintaining the highest level of quality, style, and innovative designs for each event!

Velour Premier Events Was Founded On The Belief That An Event, No Matter How Large Or Small, Signifies A Major Historical Milestone And Deserves Authentic Planning And The Utmost Attention To Detail. We Live In An Age Of Pinterest Boards And DIYs That Were Made To Look Easy, But Have Gone Terribly Wrong (I.E. You’ve Somehow Super Glued Yourself To Your Centerpiece!). And Of Course, We Cannot Forget The All-Telling, Flood Of Social Media Pictorials And Snap Chat Updates That Will Ensue.


Our goal is to cover all of that middle ground for you! The purpose of hiring a planner is so much more than bringing someone on to “point and shoot.” You want and often need, someone who will sit down and talk with you about your vision, offer industry expertise and bring in a team that will help fulfill it all while you sit back stress-free! We work as a team – Velour itself, us and our clients and us and our clients and all of our vendors – it takes a village! Whether It’s A Grand Opening, Album Release, Wedding Or Gala; Each Event Requires Precise Execution and Velour Aims To Put A Creative Design To Your Vision And Make The Event Of Your Dreams Come To Life. So Go Ahead And Dream Away Fellow Visionistas And Trust Us To Handle Every Aspect Of The Design, Planning And Execution Of Your Next Event.