Victor Launches Frequent-Flyer Points Program for Private Jet Charter

The rush of your wedding is over and it’s now time for the honeymoon. Yeah!!! You’re dreaming of all that quality time you’ll be spending with your significant other, celebrating your new life together as you dream of what’s to come. Hold on for a minute… not so fast! You have to pack (because all girls need at least a few outfit changes per day, therefore, we’ll need at least 7 pieces of luggage). You have to get it all into your car. When you’ve finally made it to the airport, it’s crowded… long lines for food, flight delays, people pushing you to get out of their way. Now, after waiting in those uncomfortable seats, you make it on to the plane and now, you can’t find an overhead bin to put your bag in, so you go all the way to the back to find a spot only to have to make your way all the way back to the front where your seat is, you have people screaming about unhappy they are that they didn’t get enough peanuts and someone is kicking the back of your seat. Still feel like going on your honeymoon?


Why not whisk your partner off for the honeymoon in a private aircraft? As far as romantic gestures go, you can’t go wrong with booking a private jet for your honeymoon.


Victor makes comparing, booking and managing jet charter easier and faster than ever before. As the technology leader in private aviation, you’re always connected and in control. Unlike other providers, Victor is the only service to disclose aircraft and operator details before you book, offering total transparency and complete financial protection – with no upfront commitments. Our ISO 9001 accreditation and exceptional customer service ensure the highest standards and utmost professionalism in everything they do.


 * New from Victor, Altois first global frequent-flyer points program for private jet charter;

 * Alto to make on-demand charter a uniquely rewarding experience for Victors customers in highly fragmented market;

 * At launch, Victor investing over $800k in frequent-flying customers by allocating Alto points against their last 12 months of Victor flights;

  * Victor aims to give points totaling tens of millions of dollars to customers over 5-year period.


Leading private jet charter marketplace Victor has launched the industry’s first ever global frequent-flyer points-based program. Exclusive to Victor fliers, Alto aims to provide a uniquely rewarding experience for regular on-demand charter. The Alto points customers earn with their Victor flights can be quickly and seamlessly redeemed to offset the pricing of future flights. Alto represents a substantial investment by Victor in its growing customer base. In recognition of a successful 2017, and strong start to 2018, Victor will immediately reward its frequent-flying customers with over $800k of Alto points, based on the Victor charters they have made over the past 12 months. Over the next five years, Victor expects to deliver Alto points totalling tens of millions of dollars to jet-setting customers.


Fliers can activate their Alto account via the Victor app and website, to track the points they earn and redeem. One point is earned for every dollar spent on Victor charter, with customers able to redeem Alto points in blocks of 10,000 against any future flight they wish to take. Points are valid, upon issue, for a period of 36 months and earned specifically against the core charter cost (not supplementary costs such as de-icing and catering).


In Alto we have listened to our customers and given them what they want – a smart, effortless and totally unique frequent-flyer rewards programme that delivers fliers even greater control of their travel and helps ensure that they make the absolute most of every journey with us,Joe Cohen, Victor CEO, says. “We’re excited about what this means for the wider industry too. We’re confident Alto will attract a greater number of regular, committed jet charterers, which is good for Victor, good for operators and good for industry suppliers. We’re starting the next chapter of private air mobility.


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